‘Minari’, ‘Nomadland’ and Netflix…2021 Golden Globe main character

‘Minari’ was honored with the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Awards. Photo I Golden Globe SNS

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Nomadland’ won the ‘Golden Globe’ award, and the movie ‘Minari’ (director, Lee Issac Chung), which depicts the story of the immigrant Korean family, won the Foreign Language Film Award. The TV segment was swept by Netflix.

‘Minari’, which depicts the migration of Korean families, won the Foreign Language Film Award at the 78th Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, USA on the 1st (Korean time). ‘Nomadland’ won two crowns, including the Best Film and Director Award. In particular, Director Chloe Zhao became the first Asian female director to become the protagonist of the Female Director Award in 37 years. In the TV section, Netflix swept away from Best Works to Leading Actor and Supporting Actor.

Director Lee Issac Chung, who appeared on the video with her young daughter on this day, said, “I am grateful to my family and all the cast members.” “’Minari’ is a family movie. Language doesn’t matter,” he said. He added, “I hope everyone will be happy.”

The ‘Golden Globe’ is meaningful as it is an awards ceremony called the Academy Preliminary Exhibition. Director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’, who defeated the Oscars again last year, also won the Foreign Language Film Award at this awards ceremony.

On this day, ‘Minari’ competed with competing works such as ‘Another Round’ and ‘The Life Ahead’ in Italy and won the trophy. Having already scored 74 crowns at many overseas awards ceremonies and proved his potential, the award at the Golden Globe gave a clearer green light to entering the Academy (Oscar). The Academy announces the candidates on the 15th, and an awards ceremony will be held on the 25th of next month. ‘Parasite’ won four awards for Best Work, Director Award, Screenplay Award, and International Feature Film Award at the 92nd Academy Awards held at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA on February 10 last year, and rewritten Korean film history.

The poster for the movie ‘Minari’. Provided I edition cinema

The movie ‘Minari’ was featured by Stephen Yeon, Han Ye-ri and Yoon Yeo-jung, about the special journey of a Korean family who left for an unfamiliar United States in search of hope. Through the story of a family who is on the verge of disintegration, the story of the family’s love is finally talked about. There is no special beautification or fantasy, but it is beautiful, universal, and intense. The story of immigrants who survived the life of immigrants with strong vitality and adaptability like ‘water parsley’ and the stories of parents who lived solely for their children goes beyond language and approaches a universal sentiment.

In particular, Yoon Yeo-jung has won 26 Best Supporting Actress Awards at various overseas film awards for ‘Minari’, and is the first Korean actor to be nominated for the Academy Acting Award. It will be released in Korea on the 3rd and can be met at the theater.

Meanwhile, ‘Golden Globe’ is an awards ceremony organized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. It started in 1944 and is considered one of the two awards ceremony together with the Academy. It is called the Oscars outpost that can predict the results of the academy and is receiving hot attention every year. This year, it was broadcast live online due to the COVID-19. Only the winners attended the site, and all the winners attended the awards ceremony at home or in the office.

<2021 ‘Golden Globe’ Winners and Winners>

▲ Artwork =’Nomadland’

▲ Foreign Language Film Awards =’Minari’

▲Director Award = Chloe Zhao (Nomadland)

▲Actor Award = Andra Day (female), late Chadwick Bosman (male)

▲ Screenplay Award = Aaron Sorkin (The Trial of the Order 7)

▲TV Category Award =’The Crown’

▲ Best Actor in TV = Emma Corin (female), Josh O’Connor (male)

▲ Supporting Actor = Daniel Kaluya, Jodie Foster

▲ Feature Animation Award =’Soul’

▲ Music Award =’Soul’

▲ Subject title =’Life in front of yourself’


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