‘On and Off’ Park Bom, Ganghwa Island’s rural life + new song recording site released

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

2NE1 singer Park Bom’s life in Ganghwa Island and the recording site of a new song after two years will be revealed.

On the 2nd broadcast of tvN ‘On & Off’, Park Bom’s Ganghwa Island Power Life, preparing for ‘The Second Spring’, will be unveiled.

On this day, Park Bom catches the eye with a leisurely healing rural life. Park Bom is planning to deliver a diligent family diary by revealing the reason for the move, saying, “I came to Ganghwa Island to focus more on diet and solo albums.” Park Bom is doing self-beauty like a habit, but also has a strange charm such as laughing at her bangs while doing self-beauty. It is expected to radiate infinitely.

After breakfast, Park Bom wraps lettuce wraps and presents a storm food reminiscent of a rabbit. Following this, Park Bom’s Bread Love Moment, which if Breadsoon would relate to, is also revealed. Park Bom, who has fallen into the temptation of bread, is expected to make a laugh while the manager goes to the bathroom and makes a deviance like a spy movie. Interest is focused on whether Park Bom has succeeded in his adventure for bread.

In addition, Park Bom prepares a special gift for her neighbor’s mother, who was living like a family on this day. Park Bom tries to beat meringue with a manual whisk to make a souffle ouffle. Park Bom, who was playing meringues playing around the house, eventually began to make a mysterious song, and the studio turned into a sea of laughter.

Park Bom’s new song recording site also attracts attention. Park Bom is expected to show admiration by showing off her still national treasure-class singing skills with an emotional voice despite being exhausted from a harsh diet all day. It is expected that everyone in the studio expressed their anticipation and support for the new song in a professional ON appearance that is completely different from the appearance at the time of OFF.

On the other hand, on this day’s broadcast, the daily life of Yoon Park, who prepared a filial piety day for his father, and the daily life of actor Han Ye-ri, who is sweeping various film awards with the movie ‘Minari’, will be revealed together.

tvN’On and Off’ airs every Tuesday at 10:30 pm.


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