‘Shall we talk?’ Ok Joo-hyun “I lived after being cursed for a long time…”

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Shall we talk?”, Ok Joo-hyun will talk to Kim Eana about what’s going on.

Ok Joo-hyun, who has returned with the musical Wicked’s green witch “Elphaba,” will be released at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, the 2nd (Tuesday), Kakao TV’s original “Shall we Talk?”. Kim Eana, who is known as close friend of Ok Joo-hyun, will offer warm empathy healing Tuesday morning with deep-rooted stories.

In “Shall we just talk?” which will be released on this day, talk-terview Kim Eana and Ok Joo-hyun will meet in a green dreamy space reminiscent of Emerald City in “Wicked” and show a variety of talk-talks. The two are expected to capture many people’s ears by spewing real “real friend chemistry” rather than the host and guest of the talk show, and as much as they know each other well, they even talk about their daily lives and deep conversations.

“Wicked” is a musical that transformed the Wizard of Oz into a bestseller of the same name, and it tells the story of two different witches who were building friendships, defined as “good” and “evil,” and is making headlines for their first Korean performance in five years. Ok Joo-hyun delivers the high-level directions she received from the director while preparing for the performance, and tells honestly the difficulties he experienced through her long career in the entertainment industry and the stories she overcame.

Ok Joo-hyun played Elphaba, who doesn’t know how to be happy even at the moment of seeing hope, and said, “I was able to understand that feeling too well because I lived under curse for so long.” The lyrics, “I’m afraid I’ll lose love I’ve never received,” draw attention by telling the character that “I feel like my heart is coming out every time for the past seven years and I sing,” and sympathizing with the character and being immersed.

Kim Eana and Ok Joo-hyun will have serious and dense conversations about groundless rumors and spread, and will convey comfort and healing with stories about changed thoughts and time for growth.

In addition, Ok Joo-hyun also conveys her know-how in managing herself by managing her diet, exercising steadily, and using hair and makeup as a “self” for performances. In particular, she surprised Kim Eana when she was told that she would even dress up for the performance, and she also made a funny face by suggesting that Kim Na-na dress up as Wicked’s “Green Witch” and go to the radio live broadcast together. In addition, the company plans to reveal all of Ok Joo-hyun’s hidden charms and convey fun and empathy with the extraordinary warmth toward the surroundings.

Kakao TV’s “Shall we talk?” which takes place every Tuesday morning, delicately depicts the strange tension and fine emotional exchanges that flow without a word through a new format called Kakao Talk interview, and properly captures the emotions of the 1530 young generation who are more comfortable with talking. Kakao TV will be released every Tuesday at 7 a.m.


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