First broadcast on the 12th of Na Young-seok PD’s business trip project ’15 Days on a Business Trip’ [Official]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

PD Na Young-seok’s business trip project tvN ’15 Days on a Business Trip (Director Hyo-Jung Shin, Moo-Sung Ha)’ will be broadcast for the first time on the 12th (Fri).

’15 Days on a Business Trip’ is a solo business trip project in which PD Na Young-seok visits official events and entertainment programs that require various games played in ‘New Journey to the West’ or ‘Channel 15’. It is a short form content from the tvN table following the last ‘Don’t Look Back’, and various guests regardless of entertainment and drama will appear to challenge the ‘New Journey to the West’ game and give a pleasant laughter.

The open logo also shows a colorful and pleasant fun. The title design of the program gives joy by reminiscent of a smiling mouth, and the fifteen night character with a sloppy expression holding a flag draws attention. As expected, I am looking forward to seeing what kind of legend episode PD Na Young-seok, who goes on a business trip alone, will create.

PD Shin Hyo-jeong, who was in charge of directing, said, “Maybe it will be the first (?) entertainment delivery service. We are preparing to visit entertainers who need entertainment in person and have fun together.” He added, “You will be able to meet new charms as well as various aspects of entertainers in the ’15 Days on a Business Trip’,” raising expectations.

tvN ’15 Days on a Business Trip’ is short form content organized for 5 minutes, and will be broadcast for the first time around 10:50 pm on the 12th (Fri). After the broadcast, the full version will be released on YouTube ‘Channel 15’.


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