‘Law School’ Kim Bum, first revealed the best brain visual

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The smart visual of Kim Bum, the best brain of “Law School,” has been unveiled for the first time.

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Law School” (directed by Kim Seok-yoon, written by Seo In, produced by JTBC Studios, Studio Phoenix, and Gong Gam Dong House) is a campus mystery drama that unfolds as Korea’s top law school professors and students are involved in unprecedented cases. It contains the process of prospective legal professionals realizing law and justice through the brutal law school survival period of blood, sweat, and tears. Kim Bum plays Han Joon-hwi, a first-year law school student at Korea University, so-called ‘Um Chin-ah.’

Han Joon-hwi, a college student at a police university, entered Korea National University Law School as a top student with the ability to pass the second round of the exam. Solving solid legal knowledge from the first day of the class, he becomes a wannabe of new students with a flurry of love calls as the 0th priority for recruiting studies. Since then, he has left behind numerous voices calling himself, and set up a study group in his own unique way, becoming the first contributor to boosting his colleagues’ grades. He will generously share the information and knowledge he has accumulated while studying for the exam, and sometimes take care of the mentality of the team members who fall into despair to demonstrate his leadership.

The still cut, which was released on the 2nd, contained Han Joon-hwi’s healthy campus life. It is the epitome of a “overtower” that focuses hard on the content of the lecture, but leads the learning atmosphere in a meticulous manner. Above all, a bright look with a desire to become a prosecutor who can speak out loud to prosecutors who ignore the principles of law and justice shows a confident spirit.

Like this, he seems to boast the unfair perfection of the world with his hands-on “law” specification, generous character, and outstanding appearance, but in fact, he has a painful story about his mother. This is why attention is being paid to his hidden story, which will be unveiled with mysterious events that are increasingly revealed above the surface. In response, the production team said, “Kim Bum, who was so passionate about filming the script, clearly portrayed Han Joon-hwi’s three-dimensional character with his soft charm,” and asked, “Please look forward to the top ace’s performance to uncover the truth of the case with the spirit of the most prestigious law school in Korea.”

Meanwhile, “Law School,” a collaboration between director Kim Seok-yoon and writer Seo In, who captivated both the work and the talk of the town through the dramas “The Light in Your Eyes,” “Listen to Love”, and will be on JTBC in April following “Sisyphus”.


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