‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won and Lee Da-hee fight for baby

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“Luca: The Beginning” shocked the ending with an unpredictable twist.

The 9th episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” (directed by Kim Hong-sun, written by Chun Sung-il, produced studio Dragon, Take One Company, and H-House), which aired on the 1st, recorded an average of 6.5 percent, 7.5 percent, and a national record of 6.2 percent, respectively. In the 2049 TVN target male and female viewership rate, it topped all channels including cable and terrestrial channels with an average of 3.2% up to 3.9%, and a national average of 3.1% up to 3.7%. (Based on paid platform integrating cable, IPTV and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea)

On the same day, Ji-oh(played by Kim Rae-won) chose to go head-to-head to save the kidnapped Goo-reum (played by Lee Da-hee) and the baby.
However, Human Tech’s counterattack was also strong. Goo-reum was shocked by fabricated evidence, and the anger of Ji-oh and Lee-son (Kim Sung-oh), who lost a precious person in front of their eyes, soared to the highest level, forming breathtaking tension.

Ji-oh was furious when Goo-reum and baby were kidnapped by Lee Son due to Kim Cheol-soo’s scheme. Ji-oh, who met Won (Ahn Chang-hwan), said, “I have a hope that Goo-reum meet and have a baby, and that I want to live for the first time.” “I have the courage to live now,” he said, expressing his intention to approach Human Tech by catching Choi Jin-hwan (played by Kim Sang-ho). Won, who had dissuaded Ji-oh’s reckless plan, eventually said he would help himself. At that time, Choi Jin-hwan met Goo-reum and asked where Ji-oh was. Goo-reum, who cannot trust anyone, demanded genetic testing to see if the remains were his parents. As if he had expected it, Kim Chul-soo presented the results of the fabricated test that he had prepared in advance. Goo-reum shed tears in the unbelievable reality, and Choi Jin-hwan was shocked to learn that the baby’s father was Ji-oh.

Meanwhile, Kim Chul-soo was driven to the edge of a cliff. Chung took advantage of Kim Chul-soo’s weakness to secure the position. Unlike Ryu Joong-kwon (played by Ahn In-sang), who created Ji-oh in the name of human evolution, Kim Cheol-soo’s weakness was the fact that he killed Ha Young-jae (played by Kim Hyung-min), the father of Goo-reum, who tried to create a disease-free human. Ha Young-jae, who wanted to find a human life for Ji-oh, was caught and killed by Kim Cheol-soo while trying to steal him from Human Tech. Chung, who issued a cold warning to Kim Cheol-soo that “he made a mistake, not a murder,” ordered him to stop fabricating and decorating Ha Young-jae’s death case and retire those who made him into a slave by falsely accusing him of murder. He then handed over his resignation letter to Kim Cheol-soo. Chung joined hands with Hwang Jeong-ah (played by Jin Kyung) to develop an immune system that could not resist any virus, revealing his ambition to engulf the global economy, causing goose bumps.

Kim Cheol-soo, who was cornered, went to Goo-reum and pressed them to get his hands on Ji-oh before Hwang Jung-ah. He whispered that Ha Young-jae created “monster” Ji-oh with Ryu Joong-kwon, and that his ability killed his father. He added, “If you call Ji-oh, I will make you live comfortably with your baby.” While Goo-reum was shaking, a phone call came from Ji-oh, and Kim Chul-soo quickly rolled his head to lure him. He planned to bring Zio to Hwang Jeong-ah’s villa to face Human Tech. Ji-oh’s rush to find his family was not expected to stop, and Yuna (Jung Da-eun), who blocked him, eventually collapsed with blood throwing up. Yuna, who died in the arms of Lee Son, who ran late. The anger of Lee-son, who felt great shock and pain, reached its peak. Lee-son, who was filled with revenge, threatened Won in front of Ji-oh’s eyes, saying, “I’m killing you because I’m your friend,” signaling a fierce aftermath of Ji-oh’s intense ending.

Two men who had been fighting alone, Ji-oh and Lee-son, have lost their precious existence, which they considered to be the only one on my side in the world, and suffered from loss. It is expected that there will be a desperate confrontation between the two angry people. Also, as Goo-reum fell into Kim Chul-soo’s ruse, there was a variable in the relationship between Ji-oh and Goo-reum.

In the ambiguous boundary between who is a “human” and who is a “monster,” what choice will Ji-oh make to protect his precious people? Attention is focusing on the unconventional ending that “Luca: The Beginning,” which has only three episodes left until the end of the show, will portray.

The 10th episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” will air at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.



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