‘Phantom Singer All-Star Match’ wins a big match between the pole and the pole unit

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The stages of different units, which boast extreme breathing on the honor of each season, will be unveiled.

JTBC’s “Phantom Singer All-Star Game” continues from the “All-Star Game,” where the nine finalists faced off with full strength, to the “seasonal showdown” where they competed with pride in each season through the “team-pointing match” and “solo representative match.”

While RapoM Yoo Chae-hoon and Lavidance John No’s “Child of the Forest” received explosive responses in the “Season’s Battle,” which aired last week, other new union teams are expected to appear in the sixth episode of the “Phantom Singer All-Star Game,” which will air on the 2nd.

According to the All-Star introduction, in the third round of the match, one side was the runner-up of “unique pop vocals without tenor and baritone,” while another unit was said to be “a team of all male vocalists (countertenors, tenor, baritone and bass) in the world.”

As it is a “season match” in which the colors of each season are properly revealed, the teams representing the season also performed songs of completely different colors on the stage. The quartet team of season 2 released explosive energy, raising the excitement of the All-Star as well as the on-site cheering squad, while season 3’s Quartet showed a warm and lovely harmony, which was colored with pink emotion. Even a member who performed so well that he was evaluated as “more stable than when he was on the original team” has appeared, raising expectations.
Meanwhile, the quartet team of season 1 selected a song by the late Kim Kwang-seok, who had never performed in “Phantom Singer,” giving a deep impression on the meaningful stage.

In particular, on this day, praise from the on-site cheering squad and the home cheering squad continued endlessly. “I tore it to pieces!” It was said that the song, which drew reviews such as “It was like watching a superstar’s performance in Korea!” “It was crazy,” and “It was a creepy stage!” to the stage where everyone stood up even before the song was over. In addition, a team that stimulated the tears of the All-Star watching the stage and finally sobbed, completing the all-time lineup.

New unit stages that are only possible in the “Phantom Singer All-Star Game” are pouring in, and the “season competition” is heading into the second half. You can find out where the goddess of victory is headed on JTBC’s “Phantom Singer All-Star Game,” which will air at 10:30 p.m. on March 2 (Tuesday).


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