‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Kim So-hyun X Ji Soo, viewers cry fate Wolhwageuk 1st place

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The love of Kim So-hyun and Ji Soo, the “River Where the Moon Rises”, and the two young people of Goguryeo colored the small screen with excitement.

In the fifth episode of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “River Where the Moon Rises” (written by Han Ji-hoon, directed by Yoon Sang-ho, and produced Victory Content), Pyeong-gang (Kim So-hyun) and Ondal (Ji Soo) confirm each other’s minds, making viewers’ hearts flutter. According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, the fifth episode of “The Moon Rise River” recorded 8.8% (second part) nationwide, ranking first in the same time slot as well as the top in Monday-Tuesday dramas.

On this day, Pyeonggang decided not to live as a princess, not as a living, but as a family member, to live with others. As the daughter of King Pyeongwon (played by Kim Beop-rae), the king of Goguryeo, who created the tragedy of ghost bones, she felt guilty and wanted to live like a human being.

Ondal was deeply troubled. The tragedy of eight years ago, which reminds me of Pyeonggang, and the death of General Onhyeop (played by Kang Ha-neul), who kept bothering him. Pyeonggang, who needed Ondal’s recognition more than anyone else, persistently followed Ondal. He kept visiting Ondal, who was digging a well, and tried to talk.

However, due to Ondal’s constant disregard for himself, Pyeonggang eventually exploded. Pyeonggang and Ondal, who shed tears and express their feelings for Pyeonggang, the daughter of King Tae, cannot be relieved. Even though it was not a crime committed by themselves, the unfortunate fate of those who seemed to be punished broke the hearts of those who saw it.

Ondal decided to accept him as a bargain when he said, “It’s not even our crime, but we receive all the punishment.” He then offered to build a room for his adoptive father Yeomdeuk (played by Jung Eun-pyo) to live in so that Yeom Ga-jin could settle in the ghost valley.

When Pyeonggang and Ondal checked each other’s minds, water burst out of the well dug together. However, at this moment of joy, the Cheonjubang ark Du Joong-seo (played by Han Jae-young) appeared in front of Pyeonggang River, creating tension for a moment.

While Pyeonggang was adjusting to the ghost bone, many things were also rampant in the imperial family and the Catholic kitchen. Goh Kun (Lee Ji-hoon), who tried to bring Pyeonggang to the palace, made Pyeonggang’s fake body with the help of Ha Mo-yong (Choi Yoo-hwa), but failed to deceive his father Ko Won-pyo (Lee Hae-young). Ta Ra-jin (Kim Hee-jung) and Ta Ra-san (Ryu Eui-hyun) of Cheonjubang infiltrated to assassinate Go Won-pyo on behalf of Pyeonggang. I got caught.

In the fifth episode of “River Where the Moon Rises”, not only the romance full of excitement between Pyeonggang and Ondal, but also the political battle over Pyeonggang, adding curiosity about future developments. As a result, the sixth episode of “The Moon Rising River,” which heralds more exciting developments in the future, will air at 9:30 p.m. today (2nd).



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