Those who are chasing Jo Seung-woo of ‘Sisyphus’

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Han Tae-sul (Jo Seung-woo) of Sisyphus (script Lee Je-in and Jeon Chan-ho, director Jin-hyuk, production drama house studio, JTBC studio) is a genius engineer and a person who can prevent the future from collapsing.

For the first time in mankind, he succeeded in “phase movement” that moves objects from A to B, which is the working principle of the future time machine, “uploader,” that he created. And as Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye) guessed, “Because I created a ruined upload,” the threats of life and death have been increasing around Tae-sul since some day. If you don’t know, you can see who is chasing Baekjeon, Baekjeon, and Han Tae-sul.

#. Asia Mart: Key Villain

Asia Mart was the first organization to approach Han Tae-sul. It is an “informal embassy” that helps smugglers chased by the Bureau of Enforcement to live well in the present through only 5% of the settlement probability, and Mr Park, (Sung Dong-il) is the head of the place. However, they never helped smugglers for free. “Give and Take” was a solid organization, and the calculation was thorough. That’s why the first call between Tae-sul and the doctor, who visited the suit case of his brother Han Tae-san (Heo Joon-seok), was made. The doctor needed a key that Han Tae-san brought to open the safe. However, as the downloader failed, things got twisted and the key was put into the hands of Tae-sul, and he has been chasing Tae-sul like a “key villain” ever since.

#. Bureau of Enforcement: Terrible guys.

If there is an organization more than Asia Mart, it is a crackdown country. It has all kinds of state-of-the-art equipment, including guns, radiation counters, endoscopic cameras, and drones, and is cracking down on smugglers who come to the future from now on. It is not a matter for them to control the media or block a bridge so that noisy things do not leak out. Even the head of the doctor’s office called them “terrible guys.” The reason why such a crackdown agency is chasing Tae-sul is because it has a suit case of Han Tae-san, a smuggler, and goes around with Kang Seo-hae (Park Shin-hye), a smuggler who is subject to crackdown. In the last broadcast, Tae-sul and the West Sea barely escaped the crisis by jumping into the Han River, but we can never be relieved because it is a crackdown country by any means to catch illegal immigrants who disturb the world’s order.

#. Sigma: Who are you?

The clues to the previous two organizations have been lifted, but the existence that has not yet been revealed is also aimed at tae-sul. It is Sigma(Σ), which symbolizes the first letter of the word “Sisyphus(Σίσυφος)”. The first mention of “people who want to kill Tae-sul, especially sigma” was made through the mouth of the West Sea in the last broadcast. It has yet to be revealed whether it is an individual or an organization, but given the West Sea’s warning that the shooting in Busan was the beginning and that it will continue to pursue Tae-sul in the future, it is clear that it is much more threatening than Asia Mart and the crackdown. Who is Sigma after Han Tae-sul and why? Viewers are increasingly curious about Sigma, which will soon take off its mystery.

It’s aired on JTBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m.

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