BIFF 2 crowns → Berlin invited ‘Fighter’, released on March 18 [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Fighter’, which is expected to enter the competition section of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival (2021), will be released on the 18th.

Indie Story Co., Ltd. released the main poster and trailer on the 23rd, saying that the movie ‘Fighter’ was confirmed to be released on the 18th of next month.

‘Fighter’ is a work about the time of growth of a woman, Jin-ah, who gained the momentum of her life only when she first encountered her life through boxing.

Winner of the Netpack Award and Actor of the Year Award at the 25th Busan International Film Festival (2020) at the same time, and 14 plus in the prestigious 71st Berlin International Film Festival (2021) Generation, the prestigious 71st Berlin International Film Festival (2021), one of the world’s top three film festivals along with Cannes and Venice. It was officially invited to the section and received attention.

The main poster is a copy of “My fight is not over yet” and actress Lim Seong-mi, who looks through the boxing headgear with full of determination, catches the eye. It brings out freshness with a growing drama about female sports players and boxing, which are rare in Korea.

A copy of “The Face of the Year in an Independent Movie, Lim Seong-mi” was praised as “I realized both high-difficulty ambivalence feelings with a calm concentration” and won the Pusan International Film Festival Actor of the Year Award and launched a new star. Raise expectations for the 13-year-old actor Lim Seong-mi. Lim Seong-mi made his debut by crossing movies, plays, and dramas such as ‘Mother’ by Bong Joon-ho (2009), short ‘Now Playing’ (2015) by director Lee Ok-seop and Koo Exchange (2015), and tvN drama ‘Crash Landing on Love’ and ‘Startup’. 13 years of learning.

‘Fighter’ started with the 9th Asiana International Short Film Festival’s International Competition Grand Prize for the short ‘A Promise’ (2010), the 69th Cannes International Film Festival Director’s Week invited film ‘Hitchhiker’ (2016) and the 12th Zurich Film Festival Golden Eye Award, It is the work of director Yoon Jae-ho of the documentary ‘Mrs.B., a North Korean Woman'(2016), which received attention at leading domestic and international film festivals, including the 38th Moscow International Film Festival Documentary Award.

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