‘Love on the Air’ Kim Myung-gon reveals love story “It’s okay to be a beggar wife”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Myung-gon, who impressed the people with the movie ‘Seopyeonje’, was the first to start pansori.

In KBS2 ‘Love on the Air’, broadcast on the 3rd, the story of the first encounter with Pansori, which is like the fate of actor and voicer Kim Myung-gon, is revealed.

Kim Myung-gon, who was in the theater class at Seoul National University in the past, said that he felt shocked and thrilled by the reverberation of pansori in his heart after going to the Gimje Gugak Center with the guidance of a friend from his hometown.

Afterwards, Kim Myung-gon, who went to Seoul, accidentally walked the streets of Jongno, saw a sign that read ‘Park Cho-Wol Korean Traditional Music Apprenticeship’, and went up recklessly, met a master Park Cho-Wol, and learned pansori for 10 years.

Kim Myung-gon, who didn’t know any pansori at the time, sang loudly as if singing a vocal music at the beginning, then made the surroundings a sea of laughter, while a neighbor worried, “Is your son trying to become a shaman?”

Kim Myung-gon says that the more he learns pansori, the more he ironically comes to love his hometown where he wanted to escape so much. The life story of a singer who fell in love with Pansori arouses curiosity.

Along with pansori, another love story that changed Kim Myung-gon’s life is also revealed. Kim Myung-gon, who quit her job as a journalist for a magazine and became a German teacher at girls’ high school where she could play plays during vacation, said she met her current wife, who was her student there.

Kim Myung-gon, who became a college student, and his wife’s active proposal to marry, refused to say that he was a poor actor, but his wife replied, “It’s okay even if I’m a wife of a beggar.”

The moment Kim Myung-gon started pansori and his love story with his wife will be revealed through ‘Love on the Air’ at 8:30 pm on the 3rd.


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