No filter action ‘Nobody’ released on April 7th [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Nobody’ confirmed its release date on April 7th and released the main trailer.

‘Nobody’ (Director Ilya Nishler, Imported Distribution Universal Pictures) is a no-filter action movie that takes place as the anger that Hutch had endured and suppressed in daily life explodes, hiding an extraordinary past and living as a good-natured householder. ‘John Wick’ and ‘Deadpool 2’ are attracting Guam feelings by meeting the production crew.

In the trailer released on the 3rd, it begins with the sound of a siren on a dark night and the eyes of Hutch, who returned the robber in the house without much resistance, and the eyes of his family who look at him resentfully. Despite the ignorance of the police, neighbors, and coworkers, Hutch’s patience reaches its limit as soon as he faces the gangsters who invade the bus in succession, while the appearance of Hutch, who is consistent in silence, creates a strange tension.

Starting with the harsh line of “I’m trying to crush you”, Hutch’s fierce struggle by choosing a bare fist instead of a bullet raises curiosity about his past, which begins to gradually emerge with unexpected development. Twelve years of working for the dangerous, the past when everyone avoided themselves. The uncommon identity of the most common Hutch, who remarks, “I wonder if it was too bad,” reminds me of the full-fledged reversal that he will see, who exploded the anger he had endured.

Here, following the warning to Hutch, “Now they know that you are alive”, the action scenes rushing without a break with a cheerful OST provide intense catharsis. In particular, Hutch’s crude roaring “Give me a meow bracelet right now!” for his young daughter gives unexpected laughter that exceeds expectations, and it is more excited for the pleasure of the no-filter action that Hutch will show, who exploded the anger he had endured at the moment when the minor things went wrong. The theater is scheduled to open on April 7th.

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