‘Run Dogs’ Lee Tae-sung “Be happy with my dogs”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Run Dog’, Lee Tae-sung finds new happiness with his dogs.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program, ‘Run Daog’, which will be broadcast for the first time at 8:30 pm on the 8th, is the first entertainment in Korea that combines the traditional dog sport ‘dog agility’. Unlike existing solutions-centered dog programs, it is expected that companions and dogs can communicate, grow, and show the joy of being happy together.

Actor Lee Tae-sung lives with two dogs, ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’. ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’ appeared in entertainment programs and dramas starring Lee Tae-sung as a surprise, exuding fatal cuteness and robbing their eyes. The passionate eldest brother Lee Tae-sung and two cute little dogs challenge dog agility through ‘Run Dog’.

Regarding the reason for appearing in ‘Run Dog’, Lee Tae-sung said, “I thought that it was a challenge for dogs and dogs to communicate, have a deeper bond, and be healthy together. As I trained and filmed, I wanted to know what I didn’t know about ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’. In life and life with dogs, there are a lot of things that dog owners do because of their efforts, but in the case of agility, both dog owners and dogs had to make an effort, so it seemed that there would be great happiness while running and breathing together.”

Lee Tae-sung decided to challenge his agility by appearing in ‘Run Dog’ for sympathy. However, the challenge was not easier than I thought. “I was worried that ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’ would be able to follow new rules and education, rather than just walking or playing. However, as we studied and trained together, it seems that we became more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the hidden personality of ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’.”

And this challenge brought special happiness not only to the two dogs of ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’, but also to Lee Tae-sung, the dog owner. Lee Tae-sung said, “Sometimes I get tired of the things I do every time I train and wash and feed both guys. However, when I think of ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’ running through the wide lawn with bright expressions, I will meet the moment when I am happy with myself.”

Lee Tae-sung’s dogs ‘Monde’ and ‘Kao’ challenge the traditional dog sport ‘dog agility’. Lee Tae-sung, a dog-loving dog, is sometimes difficult and exhausted, but remembers the happiness of his dog and feels happy together. This is the part that differentiates ‘Run Dog’ from existing solution-centered dog programs, and this is why we must watch ‘Run Dog’.

On the other hand, ‘Run Dog’ will be broadcast on MBC Every1 at 8:30 pm on March 8. It will be aired on MBC Sports Plus at 9:30 pm on the same day.


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