Solbi, today (3rd) open their first solo exhibition ‘Piece of Hope’ after the cake controversy

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kwon Ji-an (Solbi) will hold a solo exhibition ‘Just a Cake-Piece of Hope’ at Insa Art Gallery in Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul from the 3rd to the 8th.

This is the first exhibition held after the controversy over cakes at the end of December last year, and shows the process of making cakes simply eaten into works of art.

The cake controversy started from Solbi’s kind explanation that ‘children’s clay play and inspired by an artist’. After that, the malicious comments of plagiarism spread, and based on this, the second expansion and reproduction began. With this opportunity, Solbi decided to communicate through works as writer Kwon Ji-an, and about 30 pieces, including flat, three-dimensional paintings, and sculptures, as a motif of cakes. Finished the work of. The controversial cake piece ‘Just a Cake’ has been stored in the freezer and is released in the exhibition hall as it was at the time.

Kwon Ji-an dismantled various sections of the cake and put it on the width of the canvas to complete a flat painting derived from the cake. It creates a cake cream-like texture and features a three-dimensional shape that stands out on the canvas. The candle in the work reveals the author’s situation and heart at stake, and the flame burning from the candle signifies hope.

Kwon Ji-an said, “The injured cake is like a portrait of an unstable modern man living without the functions of celebration and gratitude. The candle in it symbolizes the light of hope that brings life out of pain. Like a piece of cake, it is like a piece of cake to the audience of hope. “I want to share the sculpture,” she said, “I hope that many people who are exhausted from COVID-19 and who spend their hard days overcoming the pain with art will be comforted through this exhibition and a burning light of hope will bloom.”

In response, Gallery Insa Art exhibition planner Choi Hyung-wook said, “This exhibition shows a work in which a formative object and a story process were added through a performance in which Kwon Ji-an puts and burns candles. While appearing as (基底), it is necessary to pay attention to the contradictory situation in which it turned into a motif of creation. This exhibition seems to have found a formative form with a solid story as an artist Kwon Ji-an. I look forward to more work in the future.”

Insa Art of the gallery said, “Kwon Ji-an’s art of painting with hands or dancing like finger painting or performance painting, like finger painting or performance painting, is a basic expression of human beings looking for the root of the situation. “Her atypical expressions and work methods that seem to ridicule the formal frame, and the results of her life are projected as they are,” he said.

“I released the controversial cake as a work titled ‘Just a Cake’ and added my own thoughts on plagiarism and cyberbullying. This is not a celebrity Solbi, but an artist Kwon Ji-an,” she said. The actual cake work ‘Just a Cake’ was released as a result of eating performance, and a piece of the cake was sculpted in a shape that caused the plagiarism controversy. Things have become meaningless.”

The story of Kwon Ji-an, who sublimates her  life in the confusion between the entertainer and the artist into works, and shows her bold steps, can be heard in the solo exhibition ‘Just a Cake-Piece of Hope’. Gallery Greetings from the 3rd to the 8th It is exhibited in art.

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