‘Yoo Quiz’ Non-UFO Research Scientist-Legend’s Hometown PD…’You Are Ahead of the Era’ Special Feature

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

In “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” she goes on a human trip with her age-old friends.

tvN’s entertainment program “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which will air on the 3rd, will feature a “born in the wrong era.” Singer Rain, a scientist studying UFOs, a UCC star, Steve Jobs of Korea, and producer Choi Sang-sik of “The Legend’s Home” will appear as Yoo Quizers to discuss the lives of some special innovators and pioneers.

Maeng Sung-ryul, a scientist who has been tracking the traces of UFOs for 35 years, unravels the unknown world interestingly. Starting with the 1947 Roswell UFO crash in the U.S., which caused a stir around the world, he quickly explains his UFO sightings and numerous UFO-related information. Yoo Jae-seok and Cho Se-ho are said to have focused on the strange space story told by a UFO expert, drawing curiosity.

UCC (User Created Contents) stars Lee Ho-rim and Kim Kyung-joon, who made the whole country excited with “After School Studying Time Lip Sink,” are also looking for “Yoo Quiz.” They, who dominated real-time search terms with SG Wannabe’s “La La La” lip-syncing video in 2008, share memories of those days. From the reason why he filmed the lip-syncing video to the story of his decision to retire, saying, “Let’s leave when we clap,” he tells a pleasant talk, causing laughter. Their re-enactment of lip-syncing is also expected, raising expectations.

Korea’s Steve Jobs and Jung Woo-duk, who almost changed the world, are drawing attention with their “nerd+US.” It is to develop wearable PCs that can play computer while walking in 2001 and to show the passion of producing tablet PCs in 2002. Yoo Jae-seok and Cho Se-ho expressed regret over their talent, saying, “Why didn’t you commercialize it?” It seems that the aspect of “computer human” and the hidden eccentricity, such as working on the power exchange and developing commercial applications for the first time in the agency, will smile.

There is also a chat with K-ghost’s father, Choi Sang-sik, who created Korea’s first horror fantasy “Hometown of Legend.” In the last broadcast, he reveals the behind-the-scenes story of creating the image of the grim skin, black lips, black application and the Grim Reaper of the Satgat, which Kwak Jae-sik, a “monster researcher,” mentioned. In addition, the reason for producing the “Hometown of Legend” drama, the secrets contained in the “Hometown of Legend” title, and the special effects also vividly reveal the filming methods at the time when it was a domestic water industry, adding to the fun.

Rain, a futuristic singer who is leading the way, boasts a frank charm. As a singer in her 24th year since her debut, she is planning to tell the truth about her deep-rooted story that she has been competing fiercely. Also, like one of the most passionate people in the music industry, we talk about various quotes such as “I’m so tired that if I just sleep, I think it’s a tie the next day.”
The rumor is that the battle of truth took place, saying, “I have never said such a thing,” and heated up the scene. It raises curiosity as he said that he showed not only his chemistry with his close friend Yoo Jae-seok, but also a new song stage with colorful performances.

Producer Kim Min-seok, who directed the show, said, “In the 96th episode, we will have a talk relay with our timeless fans. “They have advanced the times with some outstanding sense, and the story of what their current daily lives are going to give viewers a lot of fun.”


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