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[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Yang Joon-il caught the ears of listeners of “2 O’clock Manse” with various episodes.

In MBC’s standard FM “Park Joon-hyung and Jung Kyung-mi’s 2 O’clock Manse” (hereinafter “2 O’clock Manse”), which aired on the 4th, singer Yang Joon-il appeared as a guest and talked.

On the same day, DJ Park Joon-hyung said Yang Joon-il is a singer who has been summoned from the past to the present. “He is an idol in his 50s who has both skills and beauty. DJ Jung Kyung-mi drew laughter by saying, “I really wanted to see you once, but it’s an honor.” “You’re the prettiest among us three.”

Park Joon-hyung asked, “Please tell me what you did at this time when you were in the U.S. and what you did in Korea.” Yang Joon-il said, “I went to the playground whether I was working or shopping outside with my child. “It’s the same in Korea.”

Yang Joon-il then reported on his recent neck surgery. He said, “I got a lump on my neck, and it kept getting bigger. “I heard that it could be a big problem if I don’t have surgery,” he said. “It will take about a year to heal completely. I feel like I’m paralyzed because I have wounds left and nerves stretched. It was a big surgery, but it went well. “I can’t even feel the pain.”

Yang Joon-il released his mini-album “Day By Day” on the 22nd of last month. He thought, “As I live busy and slow down, can I pass tomorrow?” “We made it to mean that if we share the frustration and pain while expressing these things in a song, we will be able to move forward together.”

When Park Joon-hyung said, “You wrote almost all the songs,” Yang Joon-il said, “I wanted to talk about them with songs.” I have become a habit of writing lyrics because I want to express what I want to feel.”

One listener sent a question, “What is the fastest song you wrote?” Yang Joon-il said, “I have a song that I wrote in 40 minutes. It’s Alibis,” he said. “I went to the outlet with my wife and my baby, and I stayed in the car. Maybe it’s because I had a bad worry, but it fits perfectly with the song. So I was able to write down the lyrics quickly.”

Yang Joon-il also recalled the time when he was born. “I was born in the Vietnam War,” he said. “My father worked as an employee of a U.S. travel agency, and my mother was pregnant when I returned to Korea from Vietnam. So I went back and he was always next to me. So I was born in Vietnam. “I immigrated to the United States when I was 10 years old.”

Asked if he had any difficulties when he went to the U.S., Yang Joon-il said, “I have more good memories.” There were only Pony cars in Korea, but there were many cars in the United States, so it felt like Disneyland itself. “In the U.S., anyone could eat bananas.”

On the other hand, he said he came to Korea to run a towel business when he was a senior in high school. Yang Joon-il said, “I didn’t want to go to college when I was in my third year of high school. There was something new that looked new,” he said. “I was coming back from the beach, and I was sitting on a towel on a chair. I couldn’t reach the thighs, so I kept sweating. I wanted to make a long towel that can be used on the beach and used as a cover for chairs,” he said.

“I came to Korea in 1988 to make towels, and because of the Olympics, the cost of pay and labor has risen significantly in Korea. The unit price I thought was not right. I heard we have to go to Brazil to get this right. So I gave up and went to college in the U.S.,” he said, adding to his laughter by delivering his turbulent life.

Park Joon-hyung asked, “I’m so curious about how I got to sing ‘Riveka’ in an American college student.”

Yang Joon-il said, “I went to church while attending an American high school, and there was a Hollywood actor named Oh Soon-taek.” He said he would buy dinner for his parents, so I went with him, and he said, “If Joon-il were in Korea, he would have already become a celebrity.” At that time, my mother and I looked at each other and suspected, “Do you sell anything?” I broke up after dinner without thinking about it, but he kept talking to people around him,” he said, adding that he came to Korea in 1991 and became a “Riveka.”

In the meantime, Yang Joon-il mentioned Noh Sa-yeon, saying that there was a person who was good to him at the beginning of his debut. “I’ve been on the same program as my sister,” he said. It was a game show, where a dance battle took place. Of course I thought I won, but it came out in a tie. At that time, Noh Sa-yeon gave a score to the other team by ‘taking’. So I asked her why she gave me a score, and she said it was cute. “In the past, I didn’t know what to do when I went to the waiting room, but she told me to sit next to her and took care of me.”

When asked, “Is there any celebrity who helped you when you came to Korea this time?” he said, “Many juniors supported me,” citing dancers Lia Kim and Gong Min-ji from 2NE1.

She also shared her story about how she suffered as an anti-fan during her “Dance with Me” promotions. Yang Joon-il said, “When I was singing in Daehak-ro, I heard a bang.” “I thought the stage collapsed, but the dancer next to me told me to be careful because a stone was flying,” he recalled.

When Park Joon-hyung asked, “Did anyone hate Yang Joon-il?” Yang Joon-il laughed, saying, “There were not many people who liked me.”

At the end of the show, Yang Joon-il said, “Thank you so much, everyone.” “I’m living my dream again because you’ve been with me day by day, and I’m so happy to be with you.” I will take this warm heart with me,” he said.


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