“Given a vote to Hong Ji-yoon” ‘Miss Trot 2′ A wave of cheering Hong Ji-yoon in Goyang ahead of the finals’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahead of the final match of Miss Trot 2, the regional battle is hot.

Hong Ji-yoon emerged as a strong candidate for the championship in the final of TV Chosun’s ‘Miss Trot 2 tomorrow’ held today (4th). For ‘Goyang’s daughter’ Hong Ji-yoon, fans of Goyang city previously held a ‘banner event’ and gathered attention.

Photo ㅣGoyang City

The voting encouragement banners prepared by Hong Ji-yoon fans were placed in major downtown areas in Goyang, such as Ilsan Lake Park, New Core Outlet Intersection, Costco, E-Mart, Ilsan Jung-gu Office, and Grand Department Store. The words “Please vote for Miss Trot 2 Hong Ji-yoon” are written on the banners.

In the first round of the final aired on the 25th, Hong Ji-yoon took second place as a result of the sum of the score of the judges, the score of the public support vote, and the real-time text vote.

The final episode of ‘Miss Trot 2’will be aired at 10 pm today (4th). On the 11th, ‘Miss Trot 2’ TOP7 and ‘Miss Rainbow’, a group of 7 semi-finalists, will join the super-express ‘Gala Show’, and on the 18th,’Talk Concert’ will be held to convey the behind-the-scenes of ‘Miss Trot 2’.


PhotoㅣHong Ji-yoon SNS·Goyang City
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