‘Hello, me!’ Choi Kang-hee tried to save a drowning student

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In ‘Hello, me!’, Choi Kang-hee’s Superman instinct wriggles again.

On the 4th, KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Hello, me!’ (screenplay Yoo Song-i, director Lee Hyun-suk, production Beyond J, Acemaker Movie Works) production crew unveiled Steel, where Choi Kang-hee, who plays 37-year-old Ban Ha-ni, bravely jumped into the river to save a drowning high school student.

In the published photo, Hani falls into a river and runs to the water in a hurry without measuring back and forth for a dangerous student. Attention is being drawn to what would be a clever idea to save a student. In the face of an urgent situation, Han Yoo-hyun (played by Kim Young-gwang) as well as Ha-ni will be revealed to the public, raising questions about how they will overcome the difficulties.

Earlier, Ha-ni received a mission from the product development team leader Ji-eun (played by Kim Yu-mi), who was watching her, to receive a prototype for pitching a new product project. Still, it is predicted that the life at the head office of Joaze Department will not be easy because the ugly hair will be properly lodged from the first day of work, and it is noteworthy what the outcome of Hani’s choice to violate the supervisor’s instructions and save a student will result.

The production crew said, “Ha-ni instinctively recognizes what is necessary and important right now and takes bold actions in front of a dangerous situation where no one can come forward. Even though you may be living in the off-season period of your life, please look forward to an episode where Ha-ni’s splendor with a sparkling inner explode.”

This scene, which will save lives with his wriggling Superman instinct and face unexpected results, is broadcasted on the 4th at 9:30 pm ‘Hello, me!’ You can check it in Episode 6.


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