Min Ji-young “Marriage at 40, but I suffered miscarriage”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Min Ji-young shared the pain of her miscarriage.

Min Ji-young appeared as a guest on Living TV’s YouTube entertainment ‘The Ages’, which was released on the 4th.

In the broadcast that day, Min Ji-young said that she married at the age of 40. “I and my husband were unmarried, but I got married by fate.” While appearing in ‘Love and War’, she said that she would not marry until she died, but she was blinded by mistake for a moment.”

In addition, Min Ji-young revealed that she suffered from the pain of her miscarriage, creating regret. “The Honeymoon Baby came in like a miracle, but I suffered miscarriage. When I was born, I felt a heartache that I had never experienced. I think I have been estranged with my husband because of my miscarriage.”


‘Taiwanese gods’. Photo l Living TV

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