‘Run Dog’ Kim Soo-chan “A big excuse for the puppy at the first meeting… Embarrassed”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Soo-chan recalled the first meeting of ‘Run Dog’.

MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Exciting Race Run Dog’ aired at 8:30 pm on the 8th will be aired for the first time. ‘Run Dog’ is the first entertainment in Korea that incorporates ‘dog agility’, a traditional dog sport. A full-fledged dog rapport project is expected that is different from the existing solution-oriented dog programs.

Kim Soo-chan challenges ‘dog agility’ with her beloved companion dog ‘Eun-chan’ like her younger brother.’ He showed off his love for his extraordinary dog. Nevertheless, the filming with Eun-chan was unpredictable and it was never easy.

When asked about the most memorable episode during the filming of ‘Run Dog’, Kim Soo-chan recalled, “At the first meeting, Eun-chan saw a big deal in the office, so she was embarrassed a lot.” In fact, as it is a program with dogs, the production team said that ‘Run Dog,’ is unpredictable and frequent episodes of left and right stones occur.

In addition, Kim Soo-chan added, “Eun-chan tried to hold him often, so it was difficult to get rid of it.” However, it is said that ‘Run Dog’ brings greater happiness to Kim Soo-chan. Kim Soo-chan said, “Comparing to the past, it seems that there has been a stronger relationship with Eun-chan. I got a lot closer.”

Lastly, Kim Soo-chan said, “This is a broadcast where you can learn a lot as a companion for your dog. If you watch ‘Run, Dog’ from the viewpoint of establishing a bond between your companion and your dog, it seems that the dog you are with will look different. I will work with a joyful heart. Please look at Kim Soo-chan and Eun-chan cutely.”

At first, he was embarrassed a lot, but Kim Soo-chan says he is getting closer to his dog while filming. The story of Kim Soo-chan and his dog Eun-chan, who are already fully implementing the planning intention of ‘Run Dog,’ is expected to be revealed. MBC Every1’s ‘Exciting Race’ Run Dog’ will be aired for the first time on MBC Every1 on Monday, March 8 at 8:30 pm, and on MBC Sports Plus on the same day at 9:30 pm.


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