SHINee Minho talked about the late Jonghyun to a child who doesn’t know him, “He was a good guy, but he was sick…”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group SHINee member Minho introduced the late Jonghyun as a “good uncle” to a child who does not know.

On the 4th, on the YouTube channel’odg’,'”Your sister is pretty..?” There was a video titled ‘Children reviewing SHINee’s career.’

In the video, SHINee showed videos of past activities and explained to children who did not know SHINee. While watching a video in the past, one child pointed at Jonghyun and asked, “Who is he?”
To this, Minho replied, “He’s SHINEE member. Uncle Jonghyun.”

In addition, after discovering that Jonghyun was absent during the ‘Go Pick Up’ activity stage in 2018, the child asked, “Is there no one,” and Minho replied, “There is no one.” So the child asked, “Why isn’t there. Did you go out?” and Minho said, “Jonghyun is a good guy, but he was sick…”

Minho also expressed his affection, saying, “He’s not a bad uncle, He’s a good uncle.”

Photo| Youtube

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