‘Stigma’ Director Koo Soo-Hwan “Sharing is like a magic jar”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Goo Soo-hwan of the movie ‘Stigma’ revealed that the movie ‘Stigma’ is like a message of hope. At the time of March when it is time to gain new vitality, it delivered a message of hope through the anecdote of the movie ‘Stigma’.

As it is well known, the movie ‘Stigma’ is the story of the crying marathons 10 years later. Two years ago, director Goo Soo-hwan was staying in South Sudan to make a film, and he encountered a disciple who said that he had to meet him in order to capture the life of Father Lee Tae-suk.

He called Father Lee Tae-seok as father. This is because he is the one who helped to have the hope of life for himself, who was abandoned by the world.

Father Lee Tae-seok supported tuition so that he could study Albino in middle and high school, and helped him to unleash his talents by joining a brass band member. And, as a journalist, he asked for a role in consoling the pain of those suffering from war and poverty. Albino tried to keep that promise and became a journalist.

Director Goo Soo-hwan visited his house with Albino, and afterwards, the interview that poured out his memories with the bride is said to have been held for more than two hours after the scheduled 30 minutes.

Half a year later, Albino had asked for help to help children study in Korea, but he said that he couldn’t answer right away because the appointment wasn’t a problem. However, a week later, news of Albino’s death from a heart attack came, and the foundation sent funeral expenses and asked him to put a picture of a brass band taken with Bride Lee and a flower on the last road. And in the movie ‘Stigma’, the final greeting with Albino was replaced with a subtitle.

Since then, the Foundation has paid monthly living expenses to Albino’s wife. In addition, I tried to have hope by supporting both sides of my husband’s brothers and sisters in order to help with the troubles.

Director Goo Soo-hwan said, “Sharing is a magic jar. I gave joy and happiness as a gift to my heart, so sharing seems to be the secret key that leads life to happiness.”

Meanwhile, Director Goo Soo-hwan is scheduled to meet the public with the director’s cut of the movie ‘Stigma’.


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