‘2’o clock’s Date’ Kim Ji-hoon “Learning expert? Focus is on the development of actor competency”

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‘2’o clock’s Date’ Kim Ji-hoon learned and learned like an “expert in learning.”

Actor Kim Ji-hoon appeared as a guest in MBC FM4U’s “2’o clock’s Date, Muzie and Ahn Young-mi,” which aired on the 5th.

On the same day, DJ Ahn Young-mi introduced Kim Ji-hoon as a “son of private education, an expert in learning.” “It’s hard to see him on the radio,” DJ Muzie said. “I’ve been offering to appear for a long time, but it’s finally done.”

Ahn Young-mi asked Kim Ji-hoon, who has long hair, “Do you keep growing your hair?” “As I grew up, I kept growing it,” Kim said. “People say it’s better than short.

The music video says, “Ji-hoon is handsome. “You often played the role of a rich man, so she’s growing out her hair to give her a rebellious feeling.” Kim Ji-hoon said, “I focused on acting transformation. “I think I’ve changed a little bit from my recent appearance in “The Flower of Evil.”

Muzie also mentioned Kim Ji-hoon’s recent appearance on MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone,” asking, “After that broadcast, the agency banned the song.”

Kim Ji-hoon said, “I heard that we should add ‘no singing’ to the contract,” adding, “I’m a person who personally likes singing, but there are parts that are not as good as I am.”

When asked, “What do you think of the opinions of the company?” Kim Ji-hoon said, “I agree,” and added, “Isn’t it not good at singing?” “When you grab a microphone when you drink with Muzie and Tak Jae-hoon, you two spit out harsh sounds,” he said, drawing laughter.

Kim Ji-hoon also said, “God gave me so much passion for music that I resent, but he didn’t give me talent.” “That’s why I have a thirst for music.” I don’t mean to do music, but I have a desire to do well. Doesn’t Muzie have a genius in music? “When I see these friends, I really want to learn from them.”

On the other hand, Kim Ji-hoon said he is learning English, Chinese and Japanese recently. When Muzie said, “Isn’t this enough to be an addiction to learning?” Kim Ji-hoon said, “My friend is the director of the academy, and he told me to come to learn English. “There were other language teachers when I went to the academy.”

“When I said I learned Chinese in the past, I asked them to do a test. I was surprised that the result came out better than I thought. Teachers told me to learn when I’m free. “I often spent my daytime in vain, but I’m working hard at the academy like a student to spend it useful,” he said.

Kim Ji-hoon also revealed the secret of choosing a good academy as an expert in learning. “I have to choose a teacher who fits me well,” he said. “After learning a lot, it’s obvious, but the teacher is important. Even if I know a great deal, it’s meaningless if I don’t deliver it well to the person who teaches it. “Actor should be able to teach people well so that they can grow,” he said.

When Muzie said, “What if it doesn’t seem to fit me?” Muzie said, “Then you don’t have to pay the membership fee.” “It’s not an automatic payment system,” he said.

He also cited actions that should not be taken to determine good academies. “You shouldn’t go to academies far from home,” Kim Ji-hoon said. Far away, the heat of learning cools. If you have a long way to go and it’s cumbersome, you don’t go on an excuse. If it’s close, I can go even if it’s annoying. But if you change trains or buses, you won’t go because it’s too hard,” he said, recommending an academy within 5 to 10 minutes.

Ahn Young-mi asked Kim Ji-hoon, “Did you like learning since you were young?” Kim Ji-hoon said, “When I was young, I thought studying was my duty as a student, so I couldn’t afford to learn anything else. But after I became an adult, I have a lot of time left when I’m free because I’m an actor. I started learning something to spend that time efficiently.”

When asked, “Is there anything you can say that you’ve even learned this?” he said, “I didn’t smoke until I was 30 years old. But I forced myself to smoke for acting,” he said, “Watching a Noir movie like ‘Shin Se-gye,’ I thought I wanted to act like that as an actor. But you have to be cool to smoke. So I thought I should learn how to smoke. So, I learned it hard by force,” he said, showing off his passion for acting. He also added that he learned kickboxing because he thought his manly image was weak.

At the end of the broadcast, Kim Ji-hoon said, “The focus of learning is to develop my capabilities as an actor,” drawing laughter with his witty remarks, “I hope there will be no misunderstanding about me.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-hoon starred as the villain Baek Hee-sung in the tvN drama “The Flower of Evil,” which ended in September last year. It became a hot topic for MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone” as it showed the king of self-improvement.


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