‘Bullying controversy’ April Chae-won is criticized for the appearance of EBS video

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Recently, April Kim Chae-won, who reportedly bullied one of former members of April, has been criticized for appearing in the trailer for the EBS program ‘Galactic Safety Group’.

On the 3rd, EBS posted a trailer for episode 1 of ‘Galactic Safety Group’ on YouTube.

In the released video, Pengsoo and Kim Chae-won appeared and shouted ‘Galactic Safety Group 1′ and announced that the first broadcast day was left. Although it appeared very briefly at the beginning of the video, netizens expressed their uncomfortable feelings about not editing April member appearances amid suspicions of April bullying.

Netizens said, “EBS is an educational broadcast, and many students will watch this video. Is it really a good way to cast a member who bullied a group member?” I’m trying to teach you”, ““The other place is in a rush and procrastination of what was just recently taken, but ebs shouldn’t do this. Looking at the other video, I uploaded the previous video now, but that’s even more absurd. Why?” The reactions from the back are lined up.

Meanwhile, in the online community, a netizen who claimed to be Lee Hyun-joo’s younger brother revealed that Lee Hyun-joo had been bullied and bullied within the group, and that caused her to withdraw from the team.

In response, DSP Media denied the bullying theory of Lee Hyun-joo, saying, “Please refrain from expanding reproduction of unconfirmed facts and rumors” through an official position. In addition, Lee Hyun-joo is fighting for truth by refuting that he was unable to faithfully participate in the team’s activities due to physical and mental problems after her debut was confirmed. “Other members have also suffered tangible and intangible damage.


Photo|Video capture of’Udangtangtang Galaxy Safety Corps’

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