‘Burning Sun Scandal’ Yoo In-seok withdraws appeal…

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Yoo In-seok, former CEO of Yuri Holdings, who was charged with the charges related to Seungri and Club Burning Sun, a former member of Big Bang, dropped the appeal. As a result, former CEO Yoo In-Seok confirmed a probation from prison sentence, and it is noteworthy how it will affect the victorious military trial.

According to the legal community on the 5th, Yoo In-seok submitted a letter of withdrawal of appeal through his legal representative on February 26th. It has been about two months since the petition was filed on December 31 of last year.

The 26th Division of the Seoul Central District Court’s Criminal Agreement (Presiding Officer Kim Rae-ni) held a sentence of prosecution on December 24 of last year against former CEO Yoo In-seok, who was convicted of prostitution mediation and business embezzlement, and sentenced him to three years of probation in January and August of imprisonment.

At the time, the judge said, “Yoo In-seok acknowledged all the facts of the prosecution, and the evidence is sufficient.” “Even if shareholders agree, receiving advance dividends is a business embezzlement. However, we took into account the sentencing that the dividend was returned to the victim company and agreed to.”

Yoo In-seok appealed after being sentenced to the first trial, but suddenly submitted a letter of withdrawal of the appeal, and the judgment of the first trial was confirmed as the court accepted it on the 2nd.

Yoo In-seok runs the Monkey Museum, an entertainment bar with Seungri, and is accused of reporting the money to the ward office as a general restaurant and spending the money of Yuri Holdings as an employee’s attorney’s fee. Along with Seungri, he was also charged with engaging in prostitution 24 times by foreign investors, including a group of Japanese businessmen from 2015 to 2016.

In addition, Yoo In-seok is also accused of playing golf with General Police Chief Yoon-mo, who was called the “Police Chief,” in the “Group chatting room with Seung-ri” at a golf course in October 2017, and paying about 1.2 million won to Yuri Holdings in exchange for money.

Seung-ri, who was prosecuted with Yoo In-seok, enlisted in last March, and the case was transferred to a military court and is being tried there. Yoo In-seok is scheduled to appear as a witness in the victory trial in connection with the charges of a special assault teacher.

Meanwhile, former CEO In-Seok Yoo married actor Park Han-byul in November 2017 and has a son under the family.


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