Jeong Si-a’s lovely daughter, Seo-woo

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jeong Si-a revealed her deep heart for her daughter, Seo-woo.

On the 5th, on Instagram, Jeong Si-a said, “Last night, Seowoo: Mom, I have to practice the piano, study math, take the supplies, wash, and work… It’s hard? Isn’t it difficult? .. Did I express too hard in front of my child? I was reflexed and my heart was upset… The best thing I did because I was born into the world was to give birth to Jun-woo and Seo-woo.”

Then, “Seo-woo! Mom’s dream is to become a good mother of Jun-woo and Seo-woo~ Thank you so much for coming to the lacking mother~♡ #Seowoo Princess” expressed her affection.

In the photo, the image of daughter Seo-woo, who resembles Jeong Si-a’s beauty intact, is captured. Seo-woo is wearing a hood and showing off his lovely beauty.

On the other hand, Jeong Si-a is married to actor Baek Do-bin and has one son and one daughter.

Photo| Jungsia SNS
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