‘Kim Gye-ran’s New journey’ surpassed 6.3 million views for a week…B-class sensibility

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

“Kim Gye-ran’s New journey” surpassed 6.3 million views in a week.

“Kim Gye-ran’s New journey”, which will be released on Kakao TV, is drawing attention with its raw reality sensibility with large YouTubers and special guests.

“Kim Gye-ran’s New journey” is a left-wing farming project where famous YouTubers solve everything from meals to exercise on 1,000 pyeong of land in Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. Popular YouTubers such as Seung-woo’s dad, homecoming corrosion, and Gong Hyuk-jun, led by Kim Gye-ran of Korea’s leading health YouTube physical gallery, received attention even before the content was released. Since its debut on Kakao TV on the 25th, it has gained popularity by surpassing 6.3 million views in about a week.

The charm of “Kim Gye-ran’s New journey” is the deep B-level sentiment that comes from 100% real situations without any set-up or decorations. Millions of famous YouTubers have arrived in Cheorwon to return to farming, giving laughter in the empty field. Hundreds of bricks piled up in sweat to make a furnace, and the “miscellaneous” fun of those who recklessly started farming, such as diving into the river in sub-zero weather to get food ingredients, immediately shivering in icy water temperatures and “regretting.

Kim Gye-ran, the leader of the 24-hour camp, Seung-woo’s father, who dreams of perfect self-sufficiency from cooking to farming, is embarrassed by Cheolwon’s unexpected home-grown corrosion, and four more entertaining comments.

Express guests from various fields are also visiting Cheorwon Camp to create honest raw laughter without pretense. On the 4th, the national equestrian team Lee Kyung-jin, equestrian Lee Ji-young, and Jang Min-young appeared as guests, revealing an episode of teaching horseback riding to Kim Gye-ran’s party. A group of Kim Gye-ran drew laughter with novel and unique questions such as “How much is the horse’s price?” and “Is the horse’s attack skill kicking and biting?”

Lee Kyung-jin, Lee Ji-young, and Jang Min-young, who appeared as daily horseback riding teachers out of curiosity, were assimilated, and witty comments such as “I was kicked by a horse and flew 3 meters back,” “Expensive words are different,” and “S-class-like.” On the 1st, Cheorwon County Governor Lee Hyun-jong visited Cheorwon Camp, experienced exercise under Kim Gye-ran’s training and even walked together at the handmade “Sansjang” they made, sparking laughter.

Viewers are also excited with a sense of familiarity with the taste of the return to farming reality, which creates a “steamed laugh” rather than a picture-like farming fantasy in nature. In the video of “Kim Gye-ran’s Journey to the West” and community comments, “When you look at the clumsy return to farming, you naturally burst into “Hyun-woo (real laugh)”,” “It’s addictive because it’s more real than well-decorated entertainment content,” “The chemistry of the cast is simply “Amazing” and I can’t wait to watch the next episode.”

“Kim Gye-ran’s New journey”, which features physical gallery Kim Gye-ran and popular YouTubers returning to Cheorwon, will be pre-released on Kakao TV every Monday and Thursday at 6 p.m. and can also be seen on the physical gallery YouTube channel every Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p.m.


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