Korean-German Adeline Rudolph, starring Marvel’s ‘Silk’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Korean-German actress Adeline Rudolph will be starred in Marvel’s new female hero ‘Silk’.

On March 4 (local time), according to overseas media Comic Book.com, Adeline Rudolph was cast as the lead role in the Marvel Comics female superhero ‘Silk’ TV series produced by Sony Pictures. It has not been confirmed yet.

‘Silk’ has a super power similar to the famous hero Spider-Man, and is a Korean-American character whose name is Cindy Moon. Like Spider-Man Peter Parker, after being bitten by a spider, he has special abilities based on spider webs.

Previously, foreign media screenrents mentioned Park So-dam and Bae Suzy as potential actresses to take on the role of Cindy Moon. Chinese actresses Tiffany Espenson, Aden Jo, and Vietnamese actors Lana Condor have also been mentioned.


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