“Loss alone, 20 billion+α”…School violence more terrifying than COVID-19.

Actor Park Hye-soo (left), Ji-soo. Photo|KBS

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

The entertainment industry is suffering from a series of school violence controversies. Not only singers such as Lee Na-eun, Hyun-ah, Chuu, Su-jin, Mingyu, Azalea, and Lia, but also actors such as Ji-soo, Park Hye-soo, Cho Byung-kyu, Choi Ye-bin, Kim Dong-hee, and Kim So-hye are raising suspicions over the past of the stars. Both agencies and the advertising industry are in a state of emergency, but broadcasters are panicked.

Of course, it is a serious problem to work with the public if the evidence and circumstances of the school violence prove to be true.
Sincere apologies, self-reflection, and communication with the victims come first. The “exposure” is meaningful in that deep-rooted social problems slowly surface to the surface and become the starting point for the purification process through “sex assault Me Too,” “Debt_Too,” and “gapjil exposure,” which shocked the entertainment industry earlier.

However, especially in the case of academic violence, it is difficult to prove the authenticity, the timing is too old, and the statements of many witnesses, not the parties, are often mixed, making it difficult to reasonably solve the complicated process. As a result, the “controversy” alone will cause the celebrity’s image to be fatally damaged, and the performances, dramas, and entertainment shows that they appeared or were scheduled to appear will have to bear the loss.

Above all, dramas that have invested huge production costs can cost tens of billions of units. As it is a collaboration, there are dozens of serious victims, including dozens of staff, other actors, broadcasters and production companies, as well as economic losses. It is hard to handle in a similar form of revelation and wrangling, not just once. The possibility of shrinking production itself cannot be ruled out.

Jo Byung-kyu was scheduled to appear on KBS2’s new entertainment show “Comeback Home” with Yoo Jae-seok, the national broadcaster, but was put on hold, and Friday’s drama “Dear M,” which was set up to open Friday’s Golden Line-up, was postponed indefinitely. As it was a pre-production, it cost a considerable amount of production costs, but as the main actor Park Hye-soo’s battle for truth has been prolonged, there has been no choice.

Ji Soo’s Monday-Tuesday drama “River Where the Moon Rises”, which admitted to the dark past and apologized officially on the 3rd, is even more fatal. The drama, which cost about 20 billion won to produce, finished filming until the 18th episode and finished production about 97% with only part of the 19th episode and the final filming left. It was already on the air until the sixth episode and was on a roll with the highest ratings in the same time slot, but it was hit by a bolt out of the blue.

If the broadcast is suspended due to the index’s admission of academic violence and apology, the loss of production costs, overseas copyrights, and various TV commercials is expected to be more than 20 billion won. Payments for cast members and staff could also become unclear.

As a result, drama producers, production companies, various agencies and broadcasting companies were deeply troubled. Along with discussions on whether or not to drop out of the company, the company is considering editing the remaining amount and finding an alternative actor. It is not easy to find a compromise point to minimize risks and damage to third parties.

“It is natural for a bad actor to be criticized,” an entertainment official said. However, even if he admitted and apologized, the dilemma is that too many people will suffer if it leads to a drop-off and a complete suspension of the broadcast. “The first revelation comes out, the number of petitions increases, and the public criticism grows, so we can’t even try to find a reasonable way,” he said.

Another broadcasting official also said, “If it is not at the level of single or advertising contract termination, too many people’s livelihoods are intertwined,” adding, “In particular, staff members can get paid only when the work is aired and many interests are intertwined.” “It is true that we should look at the individual in question with a cool and critical eye, but we need a more careful and realistic approach to the solution.” He added, “We desperately need a more realistic response to the enormous losses and damages that the work has to bear, along with the hope that revelations such as academic violence will exert the power of purification.”

Whether it’s a drama or a movie, the scene is a job where hundreds of staff work and someone’s dream site. It is also a venue for various people’s promises. As a punishment for an individual, there should be no other wrong victim.

An agency official said, “There are some provisions that if you caused damage due to an individual’s fault at the time of signing an artist, you should take some responsibility, but it is not strong or detailed,” adding, “The reality is that there is no means to properly verify your personal past.” Specific alternatives that can be reasonably dealt with are desperately needed comprehensively, in various ways, and in reality,” he stressed.

Currently, all scheduled filming of the “Moonrise River” has been canceled. Both the production company and KBS are discussing and preparing countermeasures in deep agony.


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