Shim Jin-hwa “10 years passed since I started my romantic relationship with Kim Won-hyo”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Shim Jin-hwa recalled 10 years ago when she first met her husband, Kim Won-hyo.

On the 5th, Shim Jin-hwa said, “It’s been 10 years since you received the heart of Mr. Won-hyo Kim, who has been in front of the house every day for a month.”

“The day I got married was replaced by saying thank you, rather than commemorating the day, but the wedding is very precious, but the first day I had with Kim Won-hyo on March 5, 2011 is more precious. It was the moment when my difficult life turned into happiness.”

In addition, Shim Jin-hwa said, “Ten years ago, you were young and real,” and wrote, “Evolution of 2011, what would have been done if you didn’t accept it until the end. Just thinking about it is dizzy. Your future was going to brighten up very brightly with the power of positivity.” And, photos were posted.

In the released photo, the couple of Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa 10 years ago are contained. The two fresh and friendly figures catch the eye.

Comedian Ok Dong-ja, who saw this, commented, “It’s so good to see… so good, really.” Broadcaster Jang Young-ran commented, saying, “Congratulations. I hope there are only happier things.”

Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo were married in 2011 and are counted as representative parakeet couples in the gag world. The two recently appeared in JTBC’s entertainment program ‘Can’t be No. 1’.

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