Yoon Seung-yeol and Kim Young-hee, the first night of the honeymoon… “Would you like to wear a dress?” (‘Heeyeolpyu’)

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

The scene on the first night of the honeymoon of the couple Kim Young-hee and Yoon Seung-yeol was revealed.

On the 5th, a video titled ‘The first night of a new life with a 10-year-old husband’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Heeyeolpyu’ run by the couple Kim Young-hee and Yoon Seung-yeol.

In the video, Kim Young-hee and Yoon Seung-yeol spent a schedule in Jeju Island, and then bought chicken and headed to the dorm. Kim Young-hee, who entered the hostel, said, “I’m so tired. It’s hard to get tight after finishing my wedding again yesterday,” and showed a tired appearance. Yoon Seung-yeol expressed a lot of affection by telling “You are so cute”.

Following that, Kim Young-hee also mentioned the schedule for the next day, saying, “Isn’t there a quick snap shooting tomorrow?” Then Yoon Seung-yeol said, “Isn’t the dress you wear tomorrow so pretty?” and “Would you like to wear it now? Would you like to spend the first night wearing it?”

When Kim Young-hee responded firmly with “no”, Yoon Seung-yeol laughed, saying, “Sorry.”

On January 23, Kim Young-hee made a 100-year-old relationship with Yoon Seung-yeol, a 10-year-old baseball player.



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