Jeong Sun-ah, Han Ji-sang, Min Woo-hyuk, ‘Musical Omnibus’ performances are completed

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Musical actors Jeong Sun-ah, Han Ji-sang and the Millennium Symphony Orchestra finished their performance successfully.

On the 6th, a concert titled “Musical omnibus” was held at Lotte Concert Hall in Seoul with Jeong Sun-ah, Han Ji-sang, Min Woo-hyuk and the Millennium Symphony Orchestra. Actress Jeong Sun-ah, who is showing off her best skills with the musical “Wicked,” met Han Ji-sang’s explosive singing and magnificent orchestra, which are recognized for their attractive tone and excellent emotional expression, creating a perfect harmony, touching the audience.

Originally scheduled to perform in December last year, as it was postponed once due to the COVID-19, the audience filled the concert hall with masks and applauded, and the two actors responded with the best performance for the audience who waited for a long time.

In this performance, which was held in omnibus format by combining musical works of the two, Jeong Sun-ah and Han Ji-sang boasted the best chemistry with actors Min Woo-hyuk as well as large-scale orchestras.

Jeong Sun-ah, who immediately captivated the audience with her beautiful voice and presence after the orchestra’s magnificent “Evita” highlight and sang “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina,” filled the audience with Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge on the Difficult Water” and musical “Memory.” In particular, he comforted the audience with his new appearance as well as his outstanding interpretation of the number with his first musical “Red Book,” which was introduced on stage.

Han Ji-sang, who has been on stage for the first time in a long time, also increased the audience’s immersion with his explosive singing skills and detailed emotional acting. He showed his presence with “blood and flesh” of the musical “The Devil,” which is considered a favorite of musical fans, and transformed into a “Henry” character with “Frankenstein” and “Drink of a Cup” to completely reenact the dramatic “Frankenstein” stage with Min Woo-hyuk. In addition, “The Days,” “The Private’s Letter,” Freddie Mercury’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “Whistle” composed by Lee Young-hoon were impressed with Han Ji-sang’s unique low voice, dramatic breathing and emotional stage.

Applause also followed on the duet stage of the two, who worked together in various works and showed fantastic chemistry. The two sang “How to Love” by “Jesus Christ Superstar” together and boasted a beautiful harmony, while also performing various stages with actor Min Woo-hyuk. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause to the actors’ heartfelt enthusiasm.

Choi Young-sun, conductor of the Millennium Symphony Orchestra, who worked together for the third time after the 2018 National Gugak Orchestra Winter Concert and the 2020 Voice of Two Music performance, finished the performance and said, “It was a happy time to be on stage again with my favorite artists.” I got a lot of inspiration from playing Han Ji-sang’s stage, and I was happy because I was an artist who could share my heart on the stage. Jeong Sun-ah, who impressed every performance with her best performance, came as an artist who was so much bigger that she could not tell where the end was. I feel like I’m receiving a lot of bright and joyful energy.”

After the performance, Jeong Sun-ah said, “We practiced and waited for a long time for today’s performance, and it was a great time to see the audience like this, and thank you for coming to fill the seats and filling them with heat. I’m very proud of you.”

Han Ji-sang also said, “I also eagerly waited for today’s performance and prepared hard. I would like to sincerely thank the audience for their difficult steps.

Photo courtesy of the Millennium Symphony Orchestra
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