Kim Ki-bang and Kim Hee-kyung, sweet daily life “We became stronger after having a baby”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Actors Kim Ki-bang and Kim Hee-kyung revealed their sweet daily life even after giving birth.

Kim Ki-bang’s wife, Kim Hee-kyung, posted a photo on Instagram on the 8th, saying, “We have a baby who has become harder and harder. We aren’t mature yet. I can’t believe it’s my dad and mother. Green dreams of a miracle of a hundred days.”

In the photo, Kim Ki-bang and Kim Hee-kyung are shopping. The two people holding hands and standing affectionately look happy.

On the other hand, Kim Ki-bang married Kim Hee-kyung in 2017, and their son was born in 2020.

Photo| Kim Hee-kyung SNS
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