Lee Hi releases a collab music source on the 14th of ‘The Right Love Guide’

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lee Hi will be the thirteenth runner of the Naver Webtoon ‘The Right Love Guide’ collaboration.

On the 8th, TOON STUDIO and Neeul announced, “Lee Hai will release ‘That Word’, a collaboration sound for ‘The Right Love Guide’ on the 14th.”

‘That Word’ is the theme song of ‘Ba-rum’, the female protagonist in the webtoon. The warm words of the male protagonist ‘Yoo-yeon’ spread, expressing the feeling of realizing the feeling of love that was only felt difficult. Lee Hi’s deep soul and charming voice are harmonized with the song, adding empathy and immersion to the work.

‘The Right Love Guide’ is a work by Nam-soo, where the female protagonist ‘Ba-rum’, who lived the way she planned, breaks the frame and faces a different world while experiencing the romance blooming in campus life. It received the Grand Prize in Youth Romance Daejeon in 2017, and is gaining hot popularity with a 9.97 star rating on Naver Webtoon.

Previously, as various artists such as XIA(Jun-su), Taejang, Loco, Shin Yongjae (2F), 10CM, Heo Gak, KCM, Younha, George, LYn, Yang Yoseob, and Jung Eunji participated in the collaboration and gained great popularity, many fans are waiting for Lee Hi’s new song.

The collaboration sound source ‘That Word’ of Lee Lee and ‘The Right Love Guide’ can be found on various music sources at 6 pm on the 14th.


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