‘Minari’ Critics’ Choice Foreign Language Film Awards and Child Actor Award

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Minari’ won the Best Foreign Language Film Award and Child Actor Award at the Critics Choice Awards.

Following the success of the Golden Globe award, the movie ‘Minari’ raised the trophy for Best Foreign Language Film and Child Actor at the Critics Choice Awards.

The Critics Choice Awards, which marks its 26th year this year, is hosted by the American Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA). Last year, director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ won the Best Foreign Language Film and Director’s Award, increasing the likelihood of “Buttercup” becoming an Oscar. It was held at the Santa Monica Barkerhanger. Like Golden Globe, some award winners actually attended, and candidates and winners attended online under thorough corona prevention rules.

The ‘Language of Sincerity’ delivered by director Lee Isaac Chung of ‘Minari’, who set a record of 85 crowns around the world, once again penetrated the world and succeeded in winning the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the Critics Choice Awards following the Golden Globe.

‘Minari’, which contains a very special journey of a Korean family who left for an unfamiliar United States in search of hope, was nominated for the Golden Camera Award and Notable Gaze at the Cannes Film Festival for ‘Munyurangabo’, directed by director Lee Isaac Chung. And was in charge of the script.

Director Lee Isaac Chung, who shared the joy of the award with his beloved daughter at Golden Globe on the 1st, said, “’Minari’ is a story about a family and a family trying to speak in their own language. And that language is just the language of heart deeper than the American language or any other foreign language. I try to learn the language myself and try to pass it on. I hope each other learn to speak through this language of love.”

Alan Kim, who won the Child Actor Award at the Critics Choice Awards for her debut film ‘Minari’, said, “Thank you very much. First of all, the critics who voted for me and my family, director Lee Isaac Chung, Christina Oh (producer), Stephen Yeon, Douglas Seok (director assistant), Kelly, Susanna Song (clothing director), Harry Yun (editing director), Julia Kim (Casting) Director), Han Ye-ri, Yoon Yeo-jung, Noel Jo, Will Patton, Mike, A24, Plan B, and all the crews who worked hard for ‘Minari’ would be grateful. I hope to meet the audience again in the next movie soon. Isn’t this a dream? I hope it’s not a dream,” and she burst into tears with a cute feeling using the lines in the play, making the hearts of those who watch it stiff.

He showed a special and attractive chemistry with actress Yoon Yeo-jung in the film, and with his genius acting ability, such as expressing more than the director’s demands with his pure charm, won the Best Acting Awards at the Washington, Seattle, Las Vegas Critics Association Awards and Gold List Awards. And is loved by audiences all over the world. It is also cast in A24’s next work ‘Latchkey Kinds’, and the future moves are raising expectations.

‘Minari’ actors lovingly portrayed a special family with Korean sentiment and American life in a fantastic acting breath. ‘Minari’, which won the Best Foreign Language Film Award and Child Actor Award at the 26th Critics Choice Awards, can be seen at theaters nationwide.


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