Monsta X completes online fan Concert… “Thanks for Monbebe for being together”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Monsta X had a happy time with global fans through an online fan concert.

Monsta X held an online fan-con ‘MX UNIVERSITY’ through Naver V LIVE (V LIVE) on the 6th to 7th and met with Monbebe (fan club). With the concept of ‘Spring the fresh wind tickles the tip of the nose, I have a special college life with the fans’, Monsta X embellished the hearts of fans with a warm feeling of seniority.

MONSTA X, which opened the fan-con’s splendid fire with the opening video of the six members who were students of the prestigious university ‘MX UNIVERSITY’ and the stage of ‘Stand Up’ with a powerful atmosphere, said, “I waited for today more than ever. I am nervous and excited.”

Since the concept of the fancon is ‘campus life’, various corners such as ‘Monsta X activities and understanding of Monbebe’, ‘Major in-depth game’, and ‘I will directly deliver MX units’ were presented under the progress of Joo-heon, who is the over-representative and MC. From recent talks to team-specific games, MONSTA X has a pleasant laugh without a break, and reading letters written directly at fan concert last year and letters sent by fans made me impressed.

In addition, Monsta X presented a different charm through various VCR videos. The six members appeared as a handsome senior of MONBEBE, a freshman in ‘MX UNIVERSITY’, and confessed their sincere stories as they recalled the time from trainee days to the present, giving them a feeling of bluntness.

There was also a stage of an all-time level that could not take your eyes off. MONSTA X is ‘MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT’, ‘YOU CAN’T HOLD MY HEART’, ‘Nobody Else’, ‘By My Side’ )’, and with ‘DRAMARAMA’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘FANTASIA’, ‘Follow’, and ‘Love Killa’, they exude a strong charisma. A stage full of charm was completed.

Here, from Minhyuk and IM’s ‘Last Carnival’, Kihyun and Hyungwon’s ‘Night View’, and Shownu and Joo-heon’s ‘Thirst’, the unit stage of the members is special for fans and It gave fun and made the fan concert even more abundant.

At the fan-con that lasted for over 3 hours, Monsta X and fans communicated in real time through comments, building unforgettable memories. Fans from all over the world expressed their affection for MONSTA X by sending enthusiastic support, and in return, MONSTA X decorated the finale of the fan-con with the encore stages ‘ZONE’ and ‘Beautiful Night’.

MONSTA X expressed regret for not being able to face the fans, but said, “It seems that we finished happily without getting hurt for two days. We were able to fully feel the feeling of happiness while performing. We hope to go out. I will make a better performance until the day we meet again.”

After successfully completing the online fan-con, MONSTA X is planning to meet fans with various contents and music activities.

Monsta X. Photo l Starship Entertainment

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