‘On & Off’ Don Spike, 34.4kg large ribs dismantled ‘Expert Force’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Don Spike appears in ‘On and Off’.

tvN ‘On and Off (directed by Shin Chan-yang)’, broadcast on the 9th, reveals on and off a self-certified ‘Meat Rubber’ Don Spike full of meat flavor.

From its appearance, Don Spike will show off the aspect of ‘meat lover’ with meat. He eats a meat diet such as ribs, fillet, tenderloin, and lean meat for a late lunch, and it is expected to prove the reputation of Don Spike, a ‘meat expert’, by taking them seriously.

Next, Don Spike is expected to capture the attention with the CEO mode ON, which is also full of meat flavor. At 12 p.m., Don Spike headed for a barbecue shop that he owned in a meat-transport freezer and raided an employee who was working and suddenly checked. It is expected that a sense of tension will be added to the appearance of the Don Spike, which carefully checks from the amount of salt and pepper to the shape of the shape of the meat, and draws attention.

Don Spike trimmed large ribs weighing 34.4 kg, and once again shows a professional level of force. It is said that after separating the special part with familiar hand movements, the ribs were quickly and accurately dismantled, and the site was admired. The performers who watched it also said that they couldn’t shut up at the rare sights they had never seen before.

In the dinner that followed, Don Spike invited comedian Yoo Min-sang and 5 million YouTuber So-young to develop a new recipe. On this day, Don Spike attracted attention by saying that it is introducing a special recipe using various sauces. Yoo Min-sang, who tasted the Don Spike dish, raised expectations by giving a powerful one-line comment, saying, “It is juicy like a watermelon.”

On the 9th broadcast, the first release of Seong Si-kyung’s new home and the daily life of ChoA, full of chemistry with her sister like Doppleganger, will be revealed.

tvN’On and Off’ airs every Tuesday at 10:30 pm.



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