‘The Times’ Lee Joo-young and Lee Seo-jin stop shooting → and meets the presidential candidate, Lee Seo-jin in 2020

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN’s “The Times” Lee Joo-young blocked Lee Seo-jin’s shooting and reunited with Lee Seo-jin, who became presidential candidate in 2020. The time warp narrative was swirling beyond imagination.

In the sixth episode of OCN’s Saturday-Sunday Original “The Times” (written by Lee Sae-bom, Ahn Hye-jin, director Yoon Jong-ho, planning studio Dragon, production story hunter, a total of 12 episodes), Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin) first met with lawmaker Kim Young-joo (Moon Jung-hee) and then shot Seo-tae (Kim Young-chul). Kim Young-joo played a recorded file of the conflict between her younger brother Lee Geun-woo (Ha Joon) and Seo Ki-tae, but “journalist” Lee Jin-woo did not accept it as it was. Seo Ki-tae declared war that he would find and report solid and direct evidence that he killed his brother.

However, the more he tracked down the list of illegal slush funds left by Lee Geun-woo before his death, the more evidence pointed to Seo’s corruption. In addition, Kim Young-joo’s ruse disgraced Lee Geun-woo as an aide who committed suicide due to embezzlement. Kim Young-joo delivered a pistol to Lee Jin-woo along with a photo of Seo Ki-tae at the scene of Lee Geun-woo’s incident. This was why Lee Jin-woo, who was convinced that Seo Ki-tae killed his brother, pointed a gun at Seo Ki-tae.

Seo Jung-in (Lee Joo-young) had to somehow stop Lee Jin-woo from becoming the murderer who killed his father. First of all, with the help of colleagues Do Young-jae (Kim In-kwon) and Myung Soo-kyung (Moon Ji-in), who tracked down illegal slush funds in JC telecommunications five years ago, they found out that the real owner of the JC Foundation was Baek Jung-min (Song Young-chang), the younger brother of former president. In addition, after installing a bug in Kim Young-joo’s car and following her back, she found out that Baek Kyu-min was the one who delivered the slush fund.

However, Kim Young-joo was not the only one who should wait and see. The arrest of Seo Jeong-in for violating the Communication Security Act, citing wiretapping devices. Facing Seo Jung-in in the interrogation room, she finally revealed her true colors and brought out shocking facts. After the base station fire, Lee Jin-woo and Seo Jung-in were not the only ones caught up in the time warp vortex. Kim Young-joo in 2015 and Yoo Sung-joo in 2019 are also connected over time. The male criminal ordered Seo Ki-tae to kill him, saying he was going to cut his tail when he created the president. “We have to bite him on the neck first before he moves. The main character of the mysterious voice that announced the beginning of the first meeting, “Only then do we live and Korea live,” was a male criminal.

Later, Kim Young-joo planned to kill Seo Ki-tae by using Han Do-kyung (Shim Hyung-tak) and Choi (Park Chung-sun) as secretary. As Kim Young-joo began to change the past, Seo Jung-in’s daily life changed overnight, with his father Seo Ki-tae dying and his job changing. Kim Young-joo warned that his cell phone will start to break whenever it is connected to the past, and that his connection with Lee Jin-woo will soon be cut off.

After learning the whole story of Time Warp, Seo Jeong-in escaped from the police station with the help of Detective Yoon Sung-ho (Heo Jae-ho), a junior of Han Do-kyung. And I tried to contact Lee Jin-woo with the phone that I had hidden before. At that time five years ago, Lee Jin-woo, who was pointing a gun at Seo Ki-tae, shouted, “Please tell your daughter what kind of human you are.” However, Seo Jung-in pointed to Kim Young-joo, Nam Sung-bum, and Baek Kyu-min, and persuaded Lee Geun-woo to “live and find out the truth.” Lee Jin-woo did not clear his doubts about Seo Ki-tae, but he fired, saying, “I will fight in the same position whether I pull you down or I go up.”

Once again, 2020 has changed. And Seo Jeong-in faced Lee Jin-woo in 2020, who became a presidential candidate in the lobby of the broadcasting station.
What is Lee Jin-woo’s real plan, saying, “Seo Jung-in, I see your face like this?” In 2020, a new truth-tracking “Times” was opened.

On the other hand, the broadcast recorded an average of 2.4 percent for households nationwide and 2.7 percent for paid platforms that incorporate cable, IPTV, and satellites. OCN’s target audience ratings for men and women reached 1.2 percent and 1.4 percent nationwide. “The Times” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on OCN.



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