Trot Idol Lee Do-jin will be on ‘Music Stage’

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Trot Idol’ Lee Do-jin appears on the ‘Music Stage’.

KBS1’s ‘Music Stage’, which airs on the night of the 8th, is a special feature of ‘Youth Celebrity’, including Lee Do-jin, Jo Myung-seop, Ma Yi-jin, Kim Gyeong-min, Gracie, Ahn Seong-joon, Kim Na-hee, Kang Ye-seul, Choi Ye-jin, Shin Seong, Bae Da-hae, Jeong Da-han, Lee So-na, Song Ga-in and others appear.

On that day’s broadcast, Lee Do-jin sings the song ‘Moodless Blues’ from Kang Seung-mo’s 1st album released in 1984. ‘Moodless Blues’, which made Kang Seung-mo a star, is also a song that is loved by many singers such as Lee Eun-mi and Kim Ho-jung on music programs. In particular, Lee Do-jin wears the clothes of designer Yang Hae-il, which was shown at Paris Fashion Week on this day.

Lee Do-jin, who participated in the ‘National TOP10 Song Show’ released on the 4th, in the 2nd Yeongten theme song ,’I’m Youngten’, has been actively engaged in various shows after ‘Mr. Trot with Herbal Medicine’.

KBS1’s ‘Music Stage’ featuring Lee Do-jin will be aired at 10 pm on the 8th.

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