‘Anyway, go to work!’ Lee Ah-jin, a carpenter in her twenties, “Because she was a laborer…

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Carpenter Lee Ah-jin’s day is revealed in ‘Anyway go to work!’

On the MBC entertainment program ‘Anyway go to work!’, broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 9th, the passionate work life of carpenter Lee Ah-jin, engineer Shim Hyun-min and reporter Nam Hyeong-do will be revealed.

Lee Ah-jin, a 20-year-old carpenter, shows a vivid appearance of a ‘field job’ that we did not know. Before going to work, she went through a special preparation process saying, “I heard a lot of things like ‘I’m a laborer (?)’…” It evokes, and I wonder what her own special routine will be.”

It is said that after arriving at the wooden construction site, the studio casts’ exclamation exploded one after another with skillful hammering and shooting (?). Nam Hyung, a reporter for ‘Cheherism’ who runs on the spot, also applauds while being moved. Lee Ah-jin, who showed off the sloppy meal, is not only revealing the behind-the-scenes of her work life that started early, but also her ambitions with a ‘carpenter’s icon’, which adds to the expectation.

Shim Hyun-min, an airport railroad engineer who is responsible for everyone’s commute, presents a special and friendly work life. The view of the sunrise in the engine room and the view of the airport railroad crossing the beach are also revealed. In addition, his occupational soldiers who wrestle with one minute and one second, as well as a war with the toilet, are scheduled to show the man’s mother and daughter of the engineer.

Shim Hyun-min said that CCTV shows the scene of jumping and going that can only be seen on the way to work in the morning. In a busy daily life, Sim Hyun-min’s warm heart for the citizens stimulates curiosity by saying that banker Lee So-yeon was in tears.

On the other hand, hot reactions are pouring into the appearance of Nam Hyung-do, a reporter of ‘Cheherism’, who boasts the number 1 number of journalists’ subscribers. In particular, Kim Gu-ra, “I met the person I wanted to meet,” she said, showing interest with her eyes twinkling.

He begins the ‘countryside dog’ experience with a 1m dog collar on the 1st, and continues to earn a salty meal by struggling with the energetic dog ‘Mung-soon’ in the bitter cold. He personally experiences various adverse conditions and gradually melts into the heart of ‘Mung-soon’. As a result, Kim Gura nodded, saying, “There are a lot of subscribers because of that,” and In-woo Chun, a startup developer, said, “I think my future attitude will change a lot”. .

MBC’s entertainment program ‘Anyway go to work!’ will be broadcast today (9th) at 9:20 pm.


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