Choi Ye-jin, ‘The Music Stage’ appeared…’Men Annoy Women’ passionate stage

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Trot singer Choi Ye-jin showed off her passionate singing skills.

Choi Ye-jin, who appeared on the youth celebratory episode of KBS1’s music program ‘The Music Stage’ broadcasted on the 8th, sang ‘Men Annoy Women’, capturing the attention of viewers.

On this day’s broadcast, moderator Kim Dong-gun said, “There will be many people realizing that a new wind of change is blowing in the music industry recently.”

Choi Ye-jin, who was recognized as a next-generation trot runner with Kang Moon-gyeong, Jo Myeong-seop, Ma Yi-jin, Kim Gyeong-min, Bae Da-hae, and Song Ga-in, was recognized as a next-generation trot runner. It was interpreted as a charm and received applause.

Choi Ye-jin was well received by Joo Hyun-mi as a “singer equipped with singing skills” for showing her perfect singing skills with a break and a unique tone on the last chance stage of SBS ‘The God of Trot 2’. Following this, Jang Yoon-jung said, “It makes the song really easy,” and said, “If someone like Choi Ye-jin does not stand on the stage, who will be on the stage?”

Choi Ye-jin is showing various charms on the broadcast stage with his new song ‘If You Are Crazy in Love’. ‘If you’re crazy for love’ based on a refined melody, it is loved as a cheerful and addictive song.

‘Music stage’. Photo lKBS

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