‘Eurasian lynx Academy’ Kim Sang-joong “I am a person with bubbles and a boiled egg” Why?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Sang-joong releases a glamorous ‘Old style Gag’ and devastates the recording site of the ‘Eurasian lynx Academy’.

Kim Sang-joong, who will be the ‘Academy Director’ of the MC of MBN’s ‘Eurasian lynx Academy’, first broadcast at 11 pm on the 11th (Thursday), will talks with 7 members ‘Humanities Avengers’ and the ‘Knowledge Talk’ battle that will unfold in the future. Talking about, shows off an unexpected ‘baby gag’.

In a green field filled with various books like ‘knowing pretense’, he expressed his charisma, saying, “We will share knowledge through small but sure stories.” “Actually, I am a person with a great bubble. Throws a joke called “Unbili-Bubble(Unbelievable)”.

Then, during the battle of ‘Knowledge Talk’ prepared by each member, Kim Sang-joong made a serious expression when Ji Joo-yeon members shared their experiences of ‘departing from the path of life’, and said, “I think life is an egg.” Cast ‘Second Sub-Gag’. In addition to Kim Sang-jung’s reversal comedy, ’21st century Confucian boy’ Yoon Tae-yang said, “Actually, this is not the first time I heard this joke.”

Furthermore, when Kim Sang-joong confesses that “to me, such a space is a bathroom”, he laughs a lot until the end when Heo Hee, who is an idol in the literary world, leads a heated discussion on the subject of “Everyone must have their own space”.

The production crew said, “Kim Sang-joong, who has been famous for his cool charisma, exudes a 180-degree different charm as the ‘Academy Director’. The performance of Kim Sang-joong, who combines charisma and humor, and the ‘Humanities Avengers’ 7 players’ battle to ‘pretend to know’ will solve ‘Humanities’ easily and fun.

‘Eurasian lynx Academy’, led by Kim Sang-jung, ‘Smart woman’ actress Ji Joo-yeon, ‘bookstore president’ broadcaster Kim So-young, copyright lawyer Kim Jeong-hyun, oriental philosophy professor Yoon Tae-yang, literary critic Heo Hee, culture critic Kim Gap-soo, and humanities culture creator Lime Yang As a member, it is a full-scale ‘brain hoisting’ program in which ‘pretend to know’ confrontation. Every week, members go on a humanities journey and share stories about it, which is expected to quench the thirst for travel and knowledge to viewers tired of the prolonged COVID-19. It will be broadcast for the first time at 11 pm on the 11th (Thursday).



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