EXID Hani’s screen debut work, ‘Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand’, released in April

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hani’s screen debut, and director Park Hwa-young’s second problem film, ‘Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand’ (director Lee Hwan), will be released in April.

On the 9th, the ‘Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand’ official confirmed the release in April and released two types of ’18 posters’. The story of ‘Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand’ is a story about a teenage pregnant woman ‘Se-jin’, who was abandoned by her family and school, try to have an abortion with her friend ‘Joo-young’, a friend of the same age for 4 years from running away.

This is the new work of director Park Hwa-young, who drew hot controversy and favorable reviews while depicting the realistic survival period of teenagers in 2018. It is not only the issue of ‘Happy’ (school violence), which has recently emerged as a serious social problem, but also of teenagers who are bound to wander the streets. It illuminates the current address and the section of the dark reality without addition or subtraction.

This is the second work of director Lee Hwan, who is opening an unrivaled view of the world following her previous work with the unprecedented subject matter and direction of ‘The Teenage Pregnant Woman’s Abortion Project’. At the 25th Busan International Film Festival, she won the Megabox Award and the KTH Award from the Korean Film Directors’ Association, and was recognized for her workability and topicality.

Here, with unrivaled acting skills, Lee Yoo-mi, a terrifying newcomer who appeared in Chungmuro like a comet, and actor Ahn Hee-yeon (Hani) from EXID, took on the roles of ‘Se-jin’ and ‘Joo-young’, respectively, runaway youth.

Lee Yoo-mi takes the role of Se-jin in ‘After Park Hwa-young’ and in ‘Grown-ups Just Don’t Understand’, she delicately depicts the character Se-jin, who further expanded the worldview of the previous work. Ahn Hee-yeon makes her first debut on the screen with her real name Ahn Hee-yeon from EXID Hani, announcing a new beginning as an actor. She is building her position as an actor through the drama ‘XX’, ‘SF8-White Crow’ and ‘Still Not Thirty’. Transforms into a new face that didn’t exist.

The two types of ’18 Posters’ catch the eye with their perfect resentment as teenage runaway girls Se-jin and Joo-young. The intensely colored ’18 Se-jin’ poster shows the image of Se-jin, who is exhausted from finding a refuge anywhere in the world, and the ’18 Joo-young’ poster contains the rebellious gaze and the look of an indifferent expression to everything. It contains the stories of people in danger.

Here, a copy of the frank and unstoppable characters’ shouts, ‘You weren’t interested in us,’ attracts attention.’ It will be released in April.


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