JK Kim Dong-wook “LH workers have taken advantage of the project for the public”

JK Kim Dong-wook. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer JK Kim Dong-wook (46) has been bitter about allegations of real estate speculation by some executives and employees of LH (Korea Land and Housing Corporation).

Kim Dong-wook said on his Instagram on the 6th, “You guys took advantage of project for your own sakes,” adding, “Why didn’t you share the real estates with the people?” Kim Dong-wook sarcastically added the logo of the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), along with tags such as “Real estate monopoly” and “Land-eating Masters.”

Earlier on the 26th of last month, JK Kim Dong-wook announced that he was leaving the UBC Ulsan Broadcasting ‘Open Art Stage’ (Duran), which has been held since 2011, and complained that “Convincing does not go well.”

Kim Dong-wook said on SNS at the time, “No matter what the results are, I am not convinced, but I hope that the same situation will not happen to anyone in the future.”

Jk Kim Dong-wook, music profession in recent years, Moon Jae-in than publicly criticized the government’s policy been in the limelight.

When suspicions arose over former Justice Minister Cho Kuk in September 2019, “Cho Kuk, apologize now,” he posted, and wrote “What a ridiculous behavior” on the day Minister of Justice Choo Mi-ae attended the National Assembly’s interpellation session in September last year.

In addition, he once closed his Twitter account after criticizing the government’s mask policy, and turned his Instagram account into a private one.

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