Kwon Min-ah, confessed to sexual assault damage → “The worst perpetrator in my life = Jimin”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

While Kwon Min-ah, a former member of the group AOA, confessed that she had been raped in middle school, she once again mentioned Jimin, who had harassed her, and said that the wound had not healed.

Kwon Min-ah said on her Instagram live broadcast on the 7th, “When I was in Busan, my family was difficult and life was difficult. When I was in middle school, I was beaten with beer bottles by my seniors and fought and raped by a male senior.” The shock confession caused a wave.

As Kwon Min-ah revealed that the perpetrator was ‘a celebrity that most people know’, among netizens it was speculated that it was a celebrity or a celebrity.

In the end, Kwon Min-ah conducted an Instagram live broadcast on the 8th and explained it. She said, “The people who were beaten and raped with beer bottles are not celebrities, but ordinary people living in Busan. I’m okay with that now.”

In addition, during her AOA activities, Kwon Min-ah opened her mouth again about being constantly harassed by leader Jimin.

Kwon Min-ah said, “The offender to me is Shin Ji-min. What I want to keep mentioning is the person who has been harassing me for over 10 years. People couldn’t tell how they were hurt by controlling the water level, but they lived through a lot of things. It doesn’t matter how much and how big it is. If there is no lasting long period of time, recognition and apology, people will turn away.”

“The best perpetrator to me is the one woman who is supposed to leave the entertainment industry. There are other minor perpetrators as well. I want that person not only to leave the entertainment industry, but to live without doing anything. I keep telling you to stop commenting, but the person who said that should be in my position.”

At the same time, Kwon Min-ah said, “I have only seen her(Jimin) for half a year. It is difficult to recover in half a year. If the doctor was sick, he took medicine for several years, and he asks why none of her depression has been cured. I didn’t get the medicine, so I’m going to be treated from the beginning,” she explained about the current state of the body.

Meanwhile, Kwon Min-ah, who turned to an actor after leaving AOA in May 2019, revealed that he was constantly harassed by leader Jimin during group activities in July of last year. As the controversy grew, Jimin left the AOA and stopped her activities.

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