‘Minari’ child star Alan Kim “I like BTS and Young-tak”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

An interview with Alan Kim, who emerged as a child star in the movie ‘Minari’, was released.

The first Korean interview of Alan Kim, who won the Child Actor Award at the Critics Choice Awards for playing David in his debut film ‘Minari’, was released. It was released exclusively on the YouTube channel of fashion magazine W Korea.

In the interview, Alan Kim replied, “Is there anything I learned from Yoon Yeo-jung?”, She said, ‘You have to be yourself. Otherwise, you will react exaggeratedly.”

For the question of “Anyone who likes K-pop singers,” he sang ‘Dynamite’, citing BTS. Then, “And he sang ‘This is Jin-Jin-Jin-Jin-Jin’. I forgot lyrics of Young-tak’s song.” Then, he said when he goes to Korea, he wants to go to his grandmother’s house.

In addition to this, the most memorable and difficult moments during the filming, future hopes, and role models drew attention.


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