‘Morning Yard’ Park Jae-ran “My ex-husband remarried in the US, missing after opium started”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Park Jae-ran confessed to the pain of two divorces.

In KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 9th, 1960’s heroine Park Jae-ran appeared.

After the first divorce, Park Jae-ran said, “I first went to the United States and made money by singing in the Korean community. But two times, three times, I was scammed, I didn’t know the world very well. I believed that it was all sincerity, and then I suffered a great failure. There was a lot of guarantees there. Earned. I made about 1 billion won.”

Park Jae-ran said, “I didn’t have a green card at that time. Visa has limitations. I also went to the detention center for illegal stay. It was in danger of being deported if he could not obtain a green card. I went to Las Vegas with my favorite younger man and got married and got a green card. Because I failed once, I didn’t want to fail twice, so I really tried. However, Lee started opium because he met a friend by mistake. Later, he didn’t enter the house and went missing. I didn’t even know where to live. So it became an automatic divorce.”

A video of the activity of singer Park Sung-shin, the second daughter of Park Jae-ran, who died of a heart attack seven years ago, was released. Park Jae-ran closed her ears when she heard her daughter’s voice. Park Jae-ran said, “At that time, I really didn’t want to live in this world. I have tried some extreme options.”

Also, when the story of his two children came out, she said, “My children knew that because I was bad. Brown rice helped. When my daughter made her debut in the music industry, she told me all about my life. So the misunderstanding of the daughters was resolved. I went back and forth to Korea.”


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