‘Sumi Lodge’ Rain “My wife cooks for daughters, while I cook for me and my wife”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘World Star’ Rain appeared as a new guest of ‘Sumi Lodge’ and started to authenticate as ‘No. 1 husband’, saying, “I do housework together.”

In ‘Sumi Lodge’, which will be aired on the 11th, Hyunbin, Tan, and Keita of Cypher, a rookie idol group belonging to Rain and Rain Company, sit at a table with the mountain hutkeepers.

At this meeting, Rain said, “I cook a lot at home,” and said, “My wife does the children’s food, but I do all the food for adults myself.” When Park Myeong-soo was surprised by saying, “You are really great,” Rain said, “Because we are doing housework together. There is no distinction between housework and outside work,” he emphasized again.

In addition, Rain said, “Because I exercise, I have to take care of my diet,” and said, “Because I have to eat food that fits the calories per day,” he said.

Jun Jin nodded, saying, “Because I’m exercising, I’m a husband who doesn’t need to lots of foods.” Subsequently, Kim Soo-mi expressed deep regret (?), saying, “Uhhhh…I will marry Rain” and made everyone laugh.

Rain and Cypher members, who are homely husbands at home, but who are also relentless ‘representatives’ outside, are at 10:40 pm on the 11th (Thursday) at the healing hand-tasting entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’, broadcast on SKY and KBS2. It is released.


PhotoㅣSKY, KBS Sumy Lodge

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