Dong-ha’s school violence discloser, “His agency threatened me”

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

While actor Dong-ha (real name Kim Hyung-kyu, 29) claimed innocence for school violence allegations, the discloser A expressed his strong stance in anger at the agency’s denial of school violence.

A, who raised Dong-ha’s alleged school violence for the first time, posted an article on the online community on the 10th titled, “Actor Dong-ha’s agency contacted and threatened me, citing lawsuit.”

According to A, Dong-ha’s agency, J-Wide Company, sent a threatening text message saying it would sue him for insulting the school violence disclosure, but the recipient of the text sent by the agency was his high school classmate B.

“B, who received threatening messages from his agency, has never been subjected to school violence by Kim Hyung-kyu during his school days,” A said. “Our victims will use every possible method to reveal B’s innocence because the cost of B’s dedication to our victims is based on false claims.”

The discloser A also issued a statement to Dong-ha’s agency, saying, “Your company is ‘private’ regarding the victim’s article claiming that Dong-ha is a perpetrator of the school violence for the career, honor, and the company’s interests. I hope you are aware that many victims and officials, including myself, are angry at Dong-ha’s official denial of his abuse through the media.”

Finally, he reiterated, “If I deceive the victims and the public with this shameless and flamboyant act instead of a young apology, I will reveal all the reports related to Dong-ha’s academic background, along with all the reports I have done as “informal” since the issue.”

Earlier on the 1st, A posted an article on the online community claiming that he was assaulted by actor Dong-ha outside the school for simply looking at him.

A wrote, “The place was a mall with a large floating population, so shame was just as great as fear, but when I think about it, I think it was fortunate that it was not a dark alley.” A later hid at school, and fortunately, he was not in the same class as Kim Hyung-kyu, and he was able to forget his memory because he was not in the same class as Kim Hyung-kyu and he had never mixed his words before.

As the suspicion of school violence was raised, Dong-ha’s agency, J-Wide Company, said on the 4th, “We talked to the actor as soon as we checked the article posted on the community.” “I found out that what the writer claimed was not true, and I checked with my acquaintances because the actor’s judgment might not be clear, but the answer was the same,” he said. “For those who create and share indiscriminate false information for malicious purposes, we will continue to monitor and do what the company can do.”

A once again posted on the online community on the 5th, the day after the revelation, and reiterated his position, saying, “It is not a false fact or a false accusation that is distributed maliciously to Kim Hyung-kyu, but an objective fact.”

Regarding the reason for publicizing the alleged school violence, he explained, “In solidarity with the victims who are angry at Kim Hyung-kyu’s reckless behavior of denying the fact of school violence and delivering his position as a “real-life” through his agency, Kim Hyung-kyu himself withdraws the position and asks them to apologize.”

In response, Dong-ha’s agency, J-Wide Company, maintained its stance that it is “practical.”

Meanwhile, Dong-ha, who made his debut in 2011, has been active in dramas and movies with strong acting. He appeared in the latest KBS2 weekend drama, “Oh! Samkwang Villa!”

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