‘Flaming Youth’ Yoon Ki-won x Kim Gyeong-ran, deviating from a pink motorcycle…’Excitement explosion’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Yoon Ki-won, who appeared in ‘Flaming Youth’, and his new friend, former announcer Kim Gyeong-ran, produced a pink mood and succeeded in a departure from spring.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth’ aired on the 9th, the appearance of the youth who said to Yoon Ki-won, “Ride a motorcycle with Kim Gyeong-ran,” was revealed. Yoon Ki-won put on a helmet from under the blanket and went out as a grocery store and a deviant companion for Kim Gyeong-ran.

The two went on the road, boasting the visuals of the famous scenes directed by Hong Kong star Andy Lau and Chien-lien Wu in the movie ‘A Moment of Romance’, which depicts the deviance of a young man and woman. “I will do it once” and thanked Yoon Ki-won, and he properly showed the appearance of ‘The Clown Ascension’ and made me laugh.

In the trailer, Yoon Ki-won and Kim Gyeong-ran, who went on to the ‘Flaming Sponge’, once again exploded the excitement with the ‘Super Melee Pose’. In particular, the saying, ‘Even a woman without a heart feels good feeling when they run,’ fits with the two, and even the viewers are thrilled.

Yoon Ki-won’s management company T&I Cultures said, “Actor Yoon Ki-won will show her new friend Kim Gyeong-ran and her pink chemistry as well as her sincere appearance next week.” ‘Flaming Youth’, in which Yoon Ki-won is appearing, is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:20 pm.


‘Burning youth’. Photo lSBS

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